• Prognosis Negative, Historical values, comparisons

    Prognosis Negative

    Those following currency exchange rates would have seen the almost daily violent fluctuations of the Rupee while on a trajectory that spirals down. Some would argue that market forces would stabilize the Rupee at some level and the average citiz..

  • ruckus over Modi, NaMo Hindu Nationalist, It only strengthens the fact of the existence of an Islamic Nationalist or Christian Nationalist or a Malayalee Nationalist too

    What's wrong in calling yourself a Hindu Nationalist?

    The moment we say 'one' then we cannot deny the existence of either 'zero' or 'two' or a 'hundred'. So why the big ruckus over Narendra Modi (NaMo) declaring himself a Hindu Nationalist. It only strengthens the fa..

  • Indians, incompetence, corruption, manmohan singh

    This can't be pardoned, Mr Prime Minister

    Indians are by and large a forgiving lot. What else explains our hopping from one tragedy to another without ever fixing accountability? We are not optimists but somewhere callous about our rights and duties as citizens. Maybe that's why we ..

  • Ishrat Jahan fake case, modi murderer, LeT Fidayeen

    Ishrat Jahan: Adulation of a Fidayeen to Ballot Poster Girl?

    One common name doing the rounds in almost all national dailies, television channels and social media alike is that of a young woman shot down almost nine years back. The name is Ishrat Jahan . Nine years after Ishrat Jahan along with three..

  • Modi Mass Murderer, Left Liberal Fascists,

    A Mass Murderer from the eyes of Left Liberal Fascists

    1. Kasab and Ishrat were two angelic souls. They were not terrorists but Lashkar Enthusiasts, which is pure and infallible.

    2. Congress Leader & Himachal’s CM Virbhadra Singh’s daughter Abhilasha Kumari, is the Sitting J..

  • Chinese incursion, UPA, General Bikram Singh, Cabinet Committee on Security, CCS, Chinese incursion, Ladakh, Daulat Beg Oldi, India-China border, Line of Actual Control, PLA, ITBP, border dispute, diplomacy,India-China,politics,defence,Indian Army,

    Chinese incursion: UPA can't swat a fly

    The nation is currently agitated over the inability of the UPA Government to force the Chinese Army to retreat from Daulat Baig Oldie, a remote advanced landing ground (ALG) and old unused air strip which was recently reactivated. The ALGs are g..

  • BJP Karnataka, Bangarappa, BSY, Ananth Kumar, Lal Krishna Advani, Karnataka election 2013

    Kar-Nataka : The Bharatiya Janata Party's Karnataka story

    BJP has been in Karnataka for more than 4 decades. And it had seen leadership of eminent persons like Bangarappa, BSY, Ananth Kumar and others. Over the years it has seen several changes in the way party is run. Initially leaders like former Pri..

  • Kar-Nataka series IBTL, Karnataka Election 2013, BSR, KJP, BJP, yeddu,

    Kar-Nataka : Karnataka Election 2013

    The state of Karnataka is going for Assembly elections on the 5th of May 2013. The results will be declared on 8th May as per schedule. This time in the elections parties will have to play a different card as it is a single phase election.

  • Gujarat Growth Story, Victim of Lies, modi's gujarat, development in Gujarat

    The Gujarat Growth Story... Victim of Lies

    Thomas Paine once wrote -“Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” Ignorance requires no reason  no facts- only prejudices. From last couple of months we have been reading in columns an..

  • Facebook, Ban Narendra Modi, adani, Wharton, bjp council, Siddharth Vardarajan

    Wharton MODIfied...!

    No army can stop an idea whose time has come. Alas! However a group on Facebook feels that it has been successful in running a campaign to Ban Narendra Modi F..

  • people of India, project sethusamudram, Godly sentiments, Ram Setu, A Divine Heritage,

    Ram Setu... A Divine Heritage

    India is a secular country. At present this statement is given by our worthy politicians for vote bank where half of them don’t even understand its literal meaning. Secularizing a state means granting religious freedom to its citizens. The..

  • Laughing Wounds of our Nation, Ohh India, Our India,  World Bank Report, childlineindia.org.in

    The Wailings of Mother India

    A riot is any chaos that disrupts normal civil life. Literal meaning says that they often result in a sudden and intense rash of violence against&nb..

  • afzal guru, fighting against terror, pakistan, indian govt, hang kasab afzal

    Fighting against Terror or settling political scores?

    Terror has no religion. If you are going to stop reading this article any further, then there can be no bigger testimony that how badly this phrase has been abused by a certain sect of the khadi-clad brigade. Though the merits of the phrase are ..

  • BJP, election 2014, bjp ram temple, saffron party,

    Bharatiya Janata Party : Back to the basics?

    Is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) thinking in terms of reviving its pre-1991 agenda to take on the Congress party and expose its “designs of appeasement politics” and fake “secularism” and fight the upc..

  • Arnab Goswami, times now, bccl, paid media

    Where is your Outrage now Arnab Goswami?

    This article highlights the biased reporting by the so called news organizations in India. It exposes their criminality and collusion to misinform and misinterpret for personal gain. Numerous instances in the news and print media are given to sh..

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