• Bharat Bandh, Times Now, Washington, strategic military relationship, Bangladesh, Hillary Clinton, Dhaka, US and Indian Ocean region, Bangladesh Liberation War, Myanmar, China, US NATO, Beijing, Myanmar’s Coco Islands

    Bangladesh on US strategic radar - Rijul Singh Uppal

    On the day of the Bharat Bandh against the petrol price hike, 31 May 2012, the news channelTimes Now broke the news about Washington seeking a strategic military relationship with Bangladesh, starting with the docking of the 7..

  • Sushasaks, Good Administrators, Sushasan, Good Governance, ram madhav, vsk, GDP, Woodrow Wilson, The Dharma Chakra, Rule of Law,

    Sushasaks (Good Administrators) needed for Sushasan (Good Governance)

    After 60 years of experience with governance in India more and more people feel that it is not working. This system of governance is not delivering.

    What is after all the ultimate objective of governance? It is the Yogakshema &nda..

  • Misuse of Laal Batti, Red Beacon, Ministers and Bureaucrats, Why Sonia said no to red beacons for MP's cars, Satyendra Garg, MPs, MLAs, Bureaucrats, Judges, Mohamed Afzal Guru, Robert Vadra, Kapil Sibal, Arun Jaitley, watch BJP Yuva TV,

    Misuse of Laal Batti (Red Beacon) by Ministers and Bureaucrats

    In this TV debate (Why Sonia said no to red beacons for MP's cars) Dilli Police official Mr...

  • Mumbai, a new beginning for BJP, mumbai meet 2012, modi vs joshi, narendra modi as a PM, lk advani, mumbai meeting 2012 bjp

    Mumbai: Is it a new beginning for BJP?

    The two day National executive meet of the BJP ended with a public rally in Mumbai. The rally clearly witnessed the arrival of new age leaders to the national stage. With all the confusion, disgruntlement & difference of opinions that existe..

  • Liberal Left Really, the secularism conundrum, pseudo secular, left wing, NDTV, we the people,

    Is the so-called Liberal Left Really Liberal and really Left? - The Secularism Conundrum

    I recently watched a video clip of a ‘We The People’ episode that dealt with Muslim identity. Participants included Shahrukh Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Kabir Khan, Karan Johar, and Zakir Naik and another ..

  • satyamev jayate, satyamev jayate episode 2, truth prevails, aamir khan, amir khan, aamirkhan show debut, Child Sexual Abuse, child sex rape,  mother, family indian social society, ibtl videos, satyamev jayate download, hemant dubey,

    Satyamev Jayate - thoughts and actions

    There can be many who can sell their celebrity status & popularity for having more money, but only a few can use that popularity to bring about a change. I am really happy that such hush hush issues are getting discussed in open now on TV. T..

  • Sonia Gandhi, Bofors gun, Gandhi family, Quattrocchi, Virendra Parekh, Vajpayee government,

    Sonia Gandhi in Bofors gun's range - Virendra Parekh

    Like Banco's ghost at Macbeth's table, Bofors refuses to go away. Every time Congress thinks the gun has fallen silent for the good, it booms again. The barrel of the Bofors gun now points unmistakably towards Sonia Gandhi, if journalist..

  • Most Favoured Enemy, Pravin Togadia, Ajmer Dargah, Pakistan Prez, MFN, Most Favored Nation, Kasab, Shaheen missile,

    Most Favoured Enemy

    When Bharat’s Hon. PM sent chaddar for Ajmer Dargah with Pakistan Prez accompanied by a very senior and wise Congressman, Bharat hoped in vain that the same PM will send at least Re 1 or 1 kg wheat flour for Langar at Nankana Sahib at Paki..

  • British Curse, Ramtanu Maitra, Pakistan, indo-pak relationship, Militancy and violence, Wendy Sherman, UNO, border

    Can India and Pakistan Break the British Curse? - Ramtanu Maitra

    There are distinct indications that some forces within India and Pakistan have made headway in improving relations between their two countries. While the intent, and whatever progress has been made by their efforts, are laudable, what both sides..

  • BCCI, Amitabh Thakur IPS, Nutan Thakur, Allahabad High Court, Zee Telefilms, Union of India,  IPS Officer UP

    Is BCCI above the Law? - Amitabh Thakur

    There is an anomaly in the way the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) functions. In this country, the Department of Sports, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, is the nodal ministry for development and control of sports affairs. The ..

  • Dargah diplomacy, promises and perils, Virendra Parekh, Pakistan GDP growth, World Trade Organization, WTO, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi,

    Dargah diplomacy: promises and perils

    India is going through one of its periodic bouts of exuberance over prospects of better ties with Pakistan. Islamabad’s recent willingness to liberalise bilateral trade between the two countries has met with enthusiastic response from the ..

  • 1989 elections, Indira gandhi, Bofors gun shot, Congress out of power, gurumurthy, dr swamy, Hasan Ali, Schweizer Illustrierte, swiss magazine rajiv gandhi, KGB, Quattrocchi

    In 1989 elections, gun shot fired by Bofors throws Congress out of Power

    What was Rajiv Gandhi’s fatal error in politics? It does not need a seer to say that it was his claim to honesty — branding himself as ‘Mr Clean’ — that proved fatal to him. Indira Gandhi was his contrast. Asked abo..

  • Swadeshi ideologue and thinker, KN Govindacharya, Gurumurthy, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Nambi Narayanan, Illankumar Sampath, Rajamani, Manoharan and Kalyanaraman, Coimbatore, Chennai

    Swadeshi is a Mindset of Self-Confidence - KN Govindacharya

    "Those who want to transform India cannot do so by learning about it on the internet or through books, but only by learning India in person,” said leading Swadeshi ideologue and thinker Shri KN Govindacharya. He was speaking at a func..

  • Minority schools, minority poor, RTE Judgement, right to education,

    Minority schools wont teach minority poor : RTE Judgement

    Every child in India should have a fundamental right to basic education. With this laudable aim the 86th Amendment of the Constitution was introduced by adding Section A to Article 21 in our Constitution in 2002 during the NDA regime. The idea w..

  • Macaulised, fao, Osmania University, beef eating festival, hyderabad, dalit, Greenhouse gases, meat eating, meat processing, IBTL

    The Path of Vegetarianism

    Osmania University has been in lime light for its anti-national philosophy in past couple of years. The recent one being the “beef eating festival”. While one has total freedom on choosing what to ea..

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