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    Political Self destruction is now an Art Form

    The Gujarat 2002 ghosts have haunted the BJP & Narendra Modi in particular because of a high decible biased campaign by media with help of Left-Lib NGO cottage industry. These ghosts have been put to rest last week by the SC appointed SIT ve..

  • Fog and Friction, Civil-Military War, 1964 Nehru, Field Marshals, KM Cariappa, Sam Manekshaw, General KS Thimayya, IBTL

    The Fog and Friction of Civil-Military War in India

    The way things stand today, India cannot afford to postpone thinking about her civil-military relations. Much more than frivolous issues like FDI in retail, financial reforms or strategic tie-ups to be a great power, it is the civil-military con..

  • army chief, vk singh, parliament, undeclared emergency, sonia gandhi, congress

    Army Chief, Parliament & an Undeclared Emergency

    India’s is being destroyed. It is being destroyed Politically, Militarily, Economically, Constitutionally as well as Culturally. This should be very clear on everyone’s mind. From every dirty maneuver of Sonia Gandhi-led Congress, so..

  • ghandhi/nehru dynasty, Congress rout, up election, dynasty game over, nepotism, sonia rahul priyanka rajiv, scams, IBTL

    Dynasty responsible for Congress rout, its beginning, we shall soon see the end!

    "The voters rejected the Congress in UP,” said a Congress leader a day after the party got a pounding in the state elections. Since Congress has only one leader, you know who I am referring to. Actually he/she was wrong. The Congress ..

  • what is India, a federal state, m v kamath, organiser, bharat vs india, IBTL

    What is India: A Federal State?

    Is India a federal state? According to one view, in spite of the fact that the Indian Constitution established a ‘federal’ state, it is indeed difficult to put the Indian State in the category of a true “federation”. Let ..

  • division of India, India Prognosis, Battleground India Prognosis of Hindu-Muslim Exclusivism

    Towards another division of India? An insight at Hindu-Muslim Exclusivism

    Both Hindus and the Muslims have sufficient ammunitions -some real, some imaginary-to hurl at each other. The problem that stares us in the face is: are we doomed to live side by side separately? Would zjihadi ambience prevailing in several part..

  • rape, society, raped, tight clothes, intoxicated gals, delhi-gurgaon-rapes, rape capital, IBTL

    Is Delhi becoming the rape capital - why, and what to do?

    The issue of Delhi (also surrounding areas) and crime against women is bit larger, especially when we discuss the safety of a particular gender in a city - Delhi. The situations arising out of bad parenting and/or self convincing interpretation ..

  • regional satraps, Third Front, BJP, Congress, allies, up election, mamta, tmc,

    Alignment of the regional satraps into Third Front as BJP, Congress slip

    Narendra Modi first opened at Lucknow national executive of the BJP last June, the plank of federalism and discrimination of states by centre as potent tool to take on the arrogant congress whose dirty tricks department was hell bent on misusing..

  • election, bjp, congress, third-front, modi, jdu, sad, akali dal, modi, IBTL

    Prepoll or Post poll on the Road to Delhi?

    Well known columnist Mr.Ashok Malik in his article in Tehelka wrote

    For the moment, the BJP has no option but to work towards a larger coalition — an ‘NDA plus’, as the shorthand goes — and hope the p..

  • bjp leaders, modi, up election, misrule, sp, akhilesh, bahuguna, IBTL

    Congress pays for misrule, BJP needs a leader to capitalise

    The latest round of assembly polls has decimated the Congress Party throughout the country. Except in Manipur, where the party managed to return to power, in all other states, the ruling Congress party at the Centre was trounced comprehensively...

  • final warning message to BJP, election 2012, goa, punjab, akali dal,

    The states send a final warning message to BJP

    The 5 states have given their verdict and one hopes the victors take forward their respective states growth and help the people of their state achieve their dreams.

    Each state has sent a message to their respective stakeholders as..

  • final warning message to BJP, election 2012, goa, punjab, akali dal, nda, bjp

    Uttar Pradesh voter Packs off (white) Elephants

    The five states assembly elections have thrown in some interesting & shocking results. The shocker evidently came from the state of Uttar Pradesh. A clear mandate of 224 seats to the Yadav father - son duo was predicted by another Yadav in Y..

  • Sonia Gandhi, clean governance, upa, no tax info, sonia's health, dynasty politics, transparency, scams

    Sonia Gandhi : A dirty HAND cannot usher in clean governance

    ‘Sonia declines to provide tax information’ was a news item that appears in the papers on the 25th Feb. She has cited person freedom and security risk. One is puzzled on what security risk is there if she discloses her tax returns. D..

  • godhra and beyond, narendra modi, godhra 10 years, gujarat riots, naroda patiya, signal falia, godhra train burning, modi, vhp, karsewak

    Godhra and beyond: A man called Narendra Modi

    February 27th, 2002 - That was the fateful morning when a mob of a thousand Muslims burnt an entire coupe of Sabarmati Express carrying Ramsewaks returning from Ayodhya Ram Janmbhoomi, to death! At this heinous crime, the secularists of India, i..

  • corruption is disease, hindutva is the cure, dr. swamy's article, acaci, satyam, ipl, cwg, 2g spectrum

    If Corruption is India's Disease then Hindutva is the Cure : Dr. Swamy

    Corruption in India is now a major concernfor all patriotic citizens because of scams galoresuch as Satyam, IPL, CWG, and 2G Spectrum etc., etc..By all objective criteria, India today has by far one of the most corrupt governance.It is fueled by..

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