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  • Alakh
  • From Kolkata to Bhadrak : ALAKH 2011

    Tuesday, May 01,2012, 19:32 IST .

    After bidding Goodbyes I started for Medinipur. Met Jehangir & his brothers to thank them once again for their excellent job on Khanabadosh . Believe me, it was really impressive. And I do think that a little bit of respect & appreciation could do magic on Hardworking and Honest people. They value these more than money.

    Kept going towards Kharagpur following NH5 and was..

  • In Kolkata - The City of Joy (?) but surely city of Survivors! : ALAKH 2011

    Thursday, Apr 26,2012, 00:11 IST .

    Saturday, May 7, 2011 | In the city of joy finally, though it took me nearly two hours to figure out how to GET IN ! Woke up after a LONG sleep to get on the job of getting Khanabadosh a well deserved pampering (servicing), he deserves all the credit for not complaining even once and kept going. And I must thank Arya too, so young but he kept his composure and kept pushing me to drive on. He ..

  • The first leg from Varanasi to Kolkata : ALAKH 2011

    Monday, Apr 16,2012, 23:59 IST .

    Monday, May 2, 2011 | After having eagerly waited for this day ,it was a relief when it did come, may be because I am not very good at anticipating!! So here were, all three of us (Me, Arya & Khanabadosh) all just waiting to get going…. It started at 1500 hrs on 29 April and we took NH2 which was really a smooth ride although it did have a few bumps here and there giving me a subtl..

  • Unsung Heroes, Lets not forget them - From Gopalpur on sea to Vishakhapatnam & KD Peta village

    Wednesday, Apr 04,2012, 01:03 IST .

    Gopalpur was really a calm place and I was refreshed, after having got the rest I needed. I met  Gopal Krishna Behera, this young entrepreneur was refined in his mannerisms. Had a sense of responsibility about him (maybe, he was the bread earner for the family). I was compelled to buy from him as I could not miss that resolve on his face that said “COME WHAT MAY, I WILL SURVIVE!!

  • ALAKH 2011 - Unsung Heroes, Lets not forget them

    Friday, Mar 23,2012, 09:46 IST .

    The first and most obvious question would be WHY I AM doing it? And strangely, I have no big words, no inspiring quotes from BIG BRAINS…Nothing! And somehow that makes me comfortable, because had I done what I quoted above, it won’t have been me. So here is a simple and honest write up about this Journey called Alakh 2011 that I am undertaking. I am sure I will be pardoned for th..

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