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  • Chandan Priyadarshi
  • Scientific Spirituality

    Tuesday, Oct 30,2012, 01:27 IST .

    The universe comes out of the union of two fundamental forces: matter (jada, or ’that which gives shape’) and consciousness (chetan). These are also respectively known as prakrati (the manifested form) and purusha (the invisible enlivening spirit). Both have their own merits when considered in isolation; however, it is the union and co-operation of these two entities that works wo..

  • The Truth about Commentaries and Translations of Vedic Scriptures by Foreign Philosophers

    Wednesday, Aug 08,2012, 00:55 IST .

    To all those people who use to refer to the commentaries by T.A.Griffith, Max Muller, Charles F. Horne etc  upon Vedic Scriptures:-

    The series of translations called the Sacred Books of the East, edited by the late Professor Max Muller, was executed in a scholastic and peculiar spirit. Professor Max Muller, a scholar of wide attainments, great versatility and a refreshingl..

  • Modern Physics Found Its Direction from Vedanta Philosophy

    Wednesday, Jul 25,2012, 09:06 IST .

    Werner Heisenberg, a scientist with a spiritual bent of mind, was elated and inspired after coming to Shantiniketan. While living in Germany he had heard and read a great deal about india. He had heard many stories and praises of Ved mantras, Vedic rishis and their Ashrams. Great poet of Germany, Goethe was his most favourite poet. Werner Heisenberg had read g..

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