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  • Mihir Jha
  • Twitter Celebrate Samskrit Diwas today

    Sunday, Aug 18,2013, 09:01 IST .

    Samskrita Bharati is a non-profit NGO which was founded with the sole purpose of reviving the ancient language, Sanskrit. A group of volunteers began a movement to teach laymen to converse in Samskrit through a simple, fun filled part time camp which would last for 10 days for two hours every day. The participants would gain an elementary knowledge ..

  • The Nationalist who turned Spiritualist: Rishi Sri Aurobindo

    Thursday, Aug 15,2013, 12:06 IST .

    A Prophecy : Sitting in a small village of Nagai near temple town of Mannargudi of the then Thanjavur district of Tamil  Nadu, Sri Vasudev Iyengar, head of a congregation that used to chant a special mantra which was a combination of Gayatri Mantra and Ashtakshara mantra, before attaining his Maha-Samadhi, informed to his disciples in 1870 that there would com..

  • Bharat-Vs-India, Swami Vivekananda and DNA of Intellectuals

    Tuesday, Jan 08,2013, 19:00 IST .

    My grandfather used to tell me a story. There used to live a great astrologist and palmist in a village. He could look after the palms and foretell future of anyone as if through the power of prophesy. One day, a gentleman came to him with his son and requested him to examine streaks of his son’s thenar. Upon a careful examination, the Palmist said: - “Your son doesn’t exhib..

  • The Paradox of 1st January and Hindu Nationalism

    Tuesday, Jan 01,2013, 21:53 IST .

    A new question has come. The origin of this question comes from the conflict in the philosophy of celebrating New Year. The only way in which a conflict can be dealt, to my mind, is by not limiting the question but by expanding it to all dimensions and discussing it in the spirit that is coherent with the teachings of founders of our civilization and that is how I propose to deal this questio..

  • Delhi Gang Rape, British Raj Inherited Section-144 and the Rise of Power in India

    Tuesday, Dec 25,2012, 00:46 IST .

    For some strange reason, I had been following the rape cases in the country for the last couple of days honestly. Now that my respect for the Government, Opposition, Media and Society has reached its boiling point, I have permitted myself this liberty to let it evaporate here.
    Before I begin with, let me first ask a question that you might like to..

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