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  • Suryah
  • Islamic Tint in the Secular Lens : Breaking India

    Tuesday, Sep 18,2012, 12:31 IST .

    US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) : The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) filters and synthesizes data in India’s internal religious affairs for the purpose of strategic policymaking by the US Government.

    In 2004, a four member delegation of US Congressmen visited India to investigate on behalf of USCIRF. It..

  • Aggressive evangelism, Denigration of Indian Culture : Breaking India

    Wednesday, Sep 05,2012, 01:48 IST .

    Erasing the Hindu Nature of Kural : One has to understand the unmistakable Hindu ethos of Thirukural in order to appreciate the damaging effect of this distortion on the subsequent generation of scholars. For example, the Hindu dharma recognizes pleasure or ‘kama’ as integral part of life. This is reflected in the 250 couplets of Thirukural’s third book that..

  • Christianizing Hindu Festivals : Breaking India

    Saturday, Sep 01,2012, 19:46 IST .

    We will have to be clear about few things before starting with this Blog. I am a no hater of Christianity. I respect all the religions and I am proud of being a Hindu. I always had respect for Christianity because I personally had many good stories with the religion. First thing being my mother who is a deaf and dumb was specially educated in a Christian institution at Chennai and was taken g..

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