Congress Got What It Really Wanted- Division Of Anti-Congress Educated Middle Class Votes

Published: Wednesday, Aug 08,2012, 16:35 IST
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As a concern citizen of India, I supported and still support the anti-corruption movement of Anna & Baba Ramdev. I will support all such movements as long as they are for country's benefit & anti-Congress, as I hold Congress responsible for all the ills of India, simply by the fact that they have ruled India for period  more than 85% period after its independence & they had the golden chance of making India a developed nation inspite its all challenges but Congress chose to look into other direction just to keep one family in power and they ignored and kept whole nation as second priority.

I don’t think Congress has done anything to make the country what it could have been. Inspite of 65 years of independence, if 60% of population don’t have sanitation facilities, 70% don’t have access to clean drinking water, 95% doesn’t have round the clock electricity (excluding the lucky ones who live in Gujarat) and still suffer power outage for 2 days, no government primary school functions as it supposed to, higher education is in total mess in majority of cases, very few public servants including officials and politicians are honest and don’t indulge in corruption, only few major politicians got convicted and jailed in corruption case in so many years after independence, still the roads at many places feel like it’s the small patches of road in all holes, and because Congress ruled this country for so many years, so blame belongs to Congress as they could have taken country on the path of all inclusive development but they chose to promote casteism, communalism and regionalism to overcome the difficulty of not fighting elections on development plank. I know the opposition parties like BJP are not all pure, but unfortunately we have to choose a lesser thief among all thieves and in my opinion BJP is lesser thief while Congress rules the chart.

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I don’t like to support the regional parties as they promote narrow regionalism over larger nationalism but I understand that they give voices to regional concerns which the national party like Congress failed to do but still I would prefer to vote for a national party rather than a regional one. That’s why I support all movements which are for making India a better place to live and remove a blot named Congress from face of this nation’s soul. I supported Anna's movement and was on Ramleela grounds when he broke the fast last year. So I have a stake in success of this movement. I was also of opinion that continuous fasting is not the way to achieve the JanLokpal. Anna Hazarehad the Golden chance like the way India had in 65, 71 wars to settle the Kashmir dispute, for bringing JanLokpal last year. He let it go under pressure from well-wishers and called off the fast. Nationalists like me ( I am a RSS supporter) will support all such movements. The members of team Anna misunderstood the support that they got for Anti corruption movement for themselves as individuals.

Off course Anna Hazarehas got respect of millions including me but his team members started abusing patriotic organizations like RSS just to cater to the needs of so called secular Media and thugs like Digvijay & Kapil Sibal. Once they start abusing the organizations like RSS people, like me will definitely withdraw the support you take for granted. That’s why the second agitation in Mumbai failed because the supporters of nationalistic causes were hurt by these outbursts. Now this time I was not convinced that a fast will achieve something but was really inspired by Arvind's slogan that it’s fast unto death. Please don’t get me wrong I am not the one who wishes Arvind some ill thing and I know that a alive and healthy Arvind is much more dangerous for corrupts than a dead Arvind. I am sorry if my language sounds brutal but there were other ways in which they should have called off this fast. Anna Hazareand Kejriwal did the fast by telling that they are here to die for the noble cause. It would have been a good face saving grace for them if they would have been forcibly removed by Delhi Police and force fed. I am OK with Arvind Kejriwal breaking his fast and live for another day to fight out the battle as he is diabetic and we need people like him to live and fight our war. Loss of his life is what anti national parties like Congress wants and we should be careful and pragmatic but the way so called whole Anna Team called off their fast is not good. I think Manish Sisodiya could have continued the fast and would have become the rallying point.

Arvind Kejriwal & others did the first mistake by calling for the fast again, they did another mistake by calling it off without any gain. They are now doing third mistake by launching a political party. I again thought that lets support by all possible means to Anna Hazareso that something positive will come out of it but I never thought that it would be a foray into politics. I don’t support the idea of AnnaJi's team coming to politics on India against corruption platform, they can join it as individuals but I am never going to support a politician who harbors the idea of Kashmir as free country like Prashant Bhushan or a communist like Medha Patkar who is against all development. By launching a political party they are simply dividing the anti-congress vote. I still support their cause but I think they did call off this fast to not allow big presence in Baba Ramdev's rally in Delhi on 9 August. The common public won’t believe in anyone's Anshan to such a great level again. I completely agree that they are fighting my war but by forming political party they are going to harm anti Congress parties and Narendra ModiJi, which is not acceptable to me. I want ModiJi to be PM of India and if Anna Hazare& Kejriwal think of cutting his votes then I am not going to support these individuals anymore.

Anna Hazare & the team's main appeal was that they are not political people. They will lose the same as their political ideas are not so great. I am practical enough to know that Anna's party will eat away Anti-Congress votes and Congress will win again inspite of all corruptions, anti-national activities, communalism and non-governance. By doing the mistake of forming a political party, Team Anna is falling into Congress trap of dividing the educated middle class vote. In India we have illiterate people going for the voting majority of the times. The educated ones treat the voting day as picnic day and most of them have migrated to new places where they are not registered for giving votes so they can’t travel to their constituency for casting votes. Anna's team is doing right thing by creating awareness about corruption in daily life.

I don’t think Anna & his team should form a political party to achieve what they need. Their strategy should be to give support to those candidates who believe in their JanLokpal as I feel the nationalist intelligent votes are already less and by forming a different political party Anna will reduce the chances of winning of Non-Congress candidates. As Congress's main vote bank are illiterates and minorities, who dont understand the issues at depth and are more vulnerable to Charisma of a corrupt family and appeasement by doing lip service and imaginary fear of RSS. Congress managers like Digvijay and Khurshid know that if congress has to survive they just need to talk some rubbish on election time like Sonia crying for slain muslim terrorists of Indian Mujahidin, communal reservation, RSS is going to kill all minorities if BJP comes to power, to keep this vote bank happy. I don’t support formation of a different political party either by Baba Ramdev or Anna. I think they should support politicians like Narendra Modi as atleast Modi does what he promises and result available for all to see in Gujarat.

My love is my country and I will support even an animal that stands up to fight against corruption and wellbeing of this whole nation. I think Anna & Kejriwal are doing good job of awakening people and helping them in realizing how this nation has suffered through all the years. Many people probably may not know but long before Anna became active in social work and anti-corruption ways, organizations like RSS have been functioning silently all these years for upliftment of whole motherland. So my advice for members of team Anna would be tactically support candidates of major political party who takes pledge to support their version of JanLokpal and don’t abuse patriotic organizations like RSS. It will do much good to them and country rather than forming a political party which helps in sustaining the mother of all corruption in India that is Congress. By forming the political party by team Anna only one party will gain for sure- Congress. If that's what members of Anna's team want then they don't deserve my support. I hope they will listen to common people like me as Team Anna like me is nothing but common committed citizens of India. Vande Mataram

Author : Hemant Dubey | Follow the writer on twitter/indianyogi
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