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Published: Saturday, Sep 01,2012, 19:46 IST
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We will have to be clear about few things before starting with this Blog. I am a no hater of Christianity. I respect all the religions and I am proud of being a Hindu. I always had respect for Christianity because I personally had many good stories with the religion. First thing being my mother who is a deaf and dumb was specially educated in a Christian institution at Chennai and was taken good care by Christian sisters. My mother always used to tell me how she liked the place and she has got high respect for Christianity. Even my grandfather who is my mentor has got so much respect for the religion because he had told me many the times that he was able to sense the godly service which they had rendered to my mother.

More than that, we had neighbours who were Christians for more than 15 years and we were living without any differences. I also had many Christian friends from my childhood days and never encountered any problems with them as well.

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Also, through the Foundation we run, we helped many Christian orphanages in Coimbatore District without any issues. One important lady who came in my life is Sister.Pushpa who is a care taker of this place called “Sharanalaya Home for Prisoner’s Children” a church backed Christian organization. Her service to the society is undoubtedly priceless and I always admire her.

These things might seem to be unrelated; but are important at the first instance to ensure that I do not have any agenda against Christianity or beloved Christian friends. But as most of the Christians would also agree; Conversions are a black mark to Christianity. I had been encountering many lively cases at recent times and was always against this practice. I felt embarrassed and irritated when I encountered conversion activities at few of the orphanages in Coimbatore. The agenda seems to be clear and set which is being supported from the highest power circles of the country.

It was during one of the Twitter Conversations sometime back in October 2011 my good friend Mr. Kiran (@KiranKS) had Retweeted one of my Tweet regards to this Conversion. And I got a message from Mr.Subramanian (@subramanianaras) that I should definitely read this book called “Breaking India” written by Mr.Rajiv Malhotra & Mr.Aravindan Neelakandan. He insisted me that it is the need of the hour to read this book to know about the History of India and various foreign elements which are trying day and night to destabilize the cultural harmony of India. He also insisted me that I spread words to my friends to read this book.

I had ordered the book the same day on the Flipkart website & started to read this book in the first week of November 2011 and finally completed reading sometime in February 2012. I’ve now penned an extensive article based on certain important facts from this book. The untouched part is what the nationalist Indians should do to prevent foreign elements entering our Society and divide the people on the basis of religion.

India ever since the ancient days is acquainted with its USP “Unity in Diversity” globally. The people of India developed tremendous acceptability to various languages, religion, culture and ethnicity. Indian consisted of 2378 main castes and tribes (with sub-castes), and 43 races as per the influential Imperial Gazetteer of India in 1901 census.

It was since the Mughal days the cultural cleansing of Indian identity had started and to be frank they were successful in dividing the Indians and had boasted threat to the identity of India. Mainly as soon as the British entered India, Christianization has started in a rampant phase in all walks of Indian identity and livelihood.

This blog is a consolidation of some important excerpts from the book “Breaking India” which every patriotic Indian should be aware about. It is difficult to make everyone read this book Breaking India in today’s busy & mechanical life. But, this is my small little contribution to the society. I wish friends who cannot afford time to read the book to read this Blog and develop interest in reading this book. I would further state it as an important duty for every patriotic Indian to spread word about this book to prevent mother India from exploitation of various foreign elements.

The importance of this Book/Blog would be felt only after reading it entirely. Also, it would make one give a rational thought on how little he/she can contribute to protect the Indian identity. For example, we all eat Cadbury chocolates but how many of us know that Cadbury used to sponsor foreign elements who are trying to de-stabilize India? Culturally? Religiously? Isn’t it hypocrisy that we help Cadbury to make profits and in return the Cadbury is funding Anti-Indian elements to destabilize our Country? How many of us know that Cadbury has sponsored a disputed and controversial study by a Christian organization on caste discrimination among the Indian Diaspora in the UK? And, more?

Similarly, we all know about Harvard University and it is a dream for millions across the world to get into Harvard. But how many of us know that a project called “South Asia Residual Vocabulary Assemblage (SARVA)” carried out by Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies at Harvard University is the one to destabilize India based on caste, creed and religion?

More than all; shouldn’t we bothered if evangelical Christians claim that Sabarimala (holy place of worship of Hindus in Kerala) is their place of worship which got adulterated later by the Hindus?

It is not that we are going to start an immediate campaign against Cadbury or Harvard University; in that case there are hundreds and thousands of institutions and groups that can be identified which has an agenda to destabilize India. To fight each of them is definitely an impossible task. The need of the hour is to be aware of all these foreign elements that are funded, supported, motivated and induced by vested interests to ruin the Indian identity. We should try to keep away from these elements. That could be the least one could do on his/her personal capacity.

From here on we shall see how Christianization is getting support in flow from various power circles of the world and especially in India. Nobody has a problem if someone follows Christianity. But isn’t it an issue when there are foreign elements which try to evangelize the country for various personal benefits and long term agenda? The blog has important excerpts on various different topics from the book “Breaking India”.

Christianizing Hindu Festivals : Christianization of Hindu festivals has started before the centuries. But to be specific Navaratri is a festival worshipping the divine Mother Goddess for nine continuous nights. The tenth day marks an important south Indian Hindu tradition known as Vijayadasami (called Dussehra in North India). This is an auspicious day for Hindus in South India to initiate their children into literacy.

Now, Christians have also started initiating their children into literacy this day. In 2008 a parallel function was organized to imitate the Hindu rituals within the Christian context. While the Hindu children wrote ‘Hare Sree Ganapathaye Namaha’, Christians wrote words in the praise of Jesus Christ. There was a good turnout for the ceremony. Children wrote words like ‘Yeshu Daivam’ (Jesus God) in a place of rice grains.

This success encouraged the clergy of St.Baselieus Church at Kottayam, a prominent Kerala town, to go even further. In 2009 they claimed that Vijayadasami festival had a Christian historical background, because that is when Jehovah enlightened Jesus with Knowledge. In this Christianized version, Saraswati and Lakshmi, the goddess of wisdom and wealth, respectively, have been replaced by the Christian saints Paul and Sebastian. The clergy further claimed that the festival Maha Sivaratri (the great night of Siva) was the corrupted version of Messiah Night, which was the day when Jesus wanted his disciples to keep eternal vigil. These are examples of the manner in which Hindu festivals are being steadily Christianized in South India as the St.Thomas mythology becomes entrenched.

Christianizing Sabarimala : Not with this, Christians have started claiming possession over various famous and popular Hindu temples. In a very famous Hindu pilgrimage center (Sabarimala) in the forests of Kerala, a Catholic priest proclaimed that his parish had unearthed a stone cross established by Thomas in 57 CE. The location was close to the ancient Mahadeva temple at Nilakkal, in the sacred eighteen hills of the deity of Sabarimala. Soon, a church with a five-foot granite cross was erected and consecrated by top Catholic clergy, and daily prayers were started.

to be continued at... Aggressive evangelism, Denigration of Indian Culture : Breaking India

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