Why Should I Volunteer for a Better India?

Published: Wednesday, Dec 05,2012, 12:23 IST
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In the beginning God created the Universe… WRONG, LIES !!

God did not create anything distinct from Himself/Herself. God BECAME the creation. The creator is not separate from the creation. Hence, along with He or Her, God is also addressed as ‘It’, the ‘Brahman’.

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Man is a social animal. The very central letter of the word ‘society’ is ‘I’. Society is simply an extension of our Self. If we help reduce disease and violence and corruption and crime, chances are surely reduced of we being a victim of the same. So by serving the society or our country, we are also serving ourselves. Swaarth and Paramaarth are both taken care of. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Daiva Seva aur Desh Seva ek hi hai”. Serving God and Serving the Country are one and the same.

Today, India and Indians of every religion or caste, every age group, every strata of society are seeking change. Change is desired by protesters, social activists, extremists, naxalites, militants and terrorists. But of all of them, the volunteer is the best. He or she is more constructive, moderate yes spirited, solution-oriented, without any hidden agendas other than to care and contribute.

To execute that Change, along with visionary Think-Tanks, the need of the hour is a passionate Action-Force. Since long ago, Sri Sri had initiated the idea to inspire and connect Indians to volunteer for a better India. Its high time we formalize it and strategically execute it. ‘Volunteer for a Better India’ as a movement or service initiative, would be owned by you, steered by you and powered by the Art of Living Foundation. The foundation’s teachers, volunteers and administrators, already involved in nation-building activities could be the initial role-models for the movement.

volunteer 4 better india, aol, aol utthan, art of living, sri sri ravi shankar

As to why should a spiritual organisation or Guru be involved with matters of politics or finance, we asked Chanakya, one of India’s greatest Social, Financial and Political strategist, and he told us...

Sukhasya mulam Dharmaha Dharmasya mulam Arthaha
Arthasya mulam Raajyam Raajyasya mulam Indriya-Nigraham ||

Chanakya thus shows very logically how Society’s and our Happiness is connected to Spirituality and its Values, which is connected to Prosperity, which is connected to Good Governance (Political leaders and Bureaucrats), which in turn depends on Individual’s ethics and morality.

volunteer 4 better india, aol, aol utthan, art of living, sri sri ravi shankar

An individual's ABCs (Attitudinal & Behavioural Changes) can be made replicable, sustainable & scalable effectively through the knowledge of the mind and spiritual techniques, as has been amply demonstrated by the Art of Living foundation in 152 countries.

We will look into the issues plaguing our country and how in ways, small and big, we can contribute towards resolving them.

You are invited :-) www.vfabi.org

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