What should we Indians cry more for Unprincipled Politicians or Ignorant Voters?

Published: Sunday, Dec 09,2012, 11:41 IST
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I thought there would be a threshold after which every politician in India will realize that he/she shouldn’t stoop to the level after which it will become too obvious for everyone that he/she has only his/her personal interest in mind and he / she doesn’t give a damn about this country of 1.2 Billion people. After watching the FDI in multi brand retail debate drama and seeing how politicians have changed their color during the whole issue makes me sick & terrified about future of my beloved nation in hands of such politicians. The way Congress has got support of Mulayam & Mayawati on FDI issue makes me wonder if Mulayam & Mayawati at all understand what FDI in multi brand retail means. Mulayam claims to have RamManohar Lohiaji as his ideal and enjoys large number of poor muslim’s support & similarly Mayawati enjoys support of many of Dalits who saw her as hope which will change their destiny. Mayawati wasn’t able to change destiny of Dalits but I think she has made sure that her destiny has really got changed. Mulayam also knows that its Muslims in large numbers who own lots of small shops in large numbers and are going to be affected by this decision of granting foreign control in Multibrand retail. Still these two politicians have gone against their own vote bank and declared their support for FDI in multi brand retail.

I am not against FDI per se. FDI in high technology areas, infrastructure segment, vehicle development, tourism & big industrial applications should be welcomed and needed. But FDI in retail which is really a low skill sector and sure winner of large market without much effort is surrender of our economic interest and food supply chain to foreigners. The amount of easy money which is going to be generated is not going to be used in India’s development but it will fill the foreign coffers. Let me give you another example. Mughal’s were foreigners but after first generation of Babur, they became Indian. Mughal’s ruled India for 250+ years but since they had nowhere else to go besides India, all money generated with in India was used with in India. Compare this to British India. British ruled us in totality for 90 years after 1857 defeat of Indians. As per the Economist Magazine data India was second richest country (The Great Indian loot by Britishers : GDP Record speaks for itself) in whole world till 1850s and was contributing approximately 30% of World’s GDP. What happened in next 90 years after 1857 is for all to see. British made India a raw material producing nation; they manufactured outside India and dumped their foreign goods on us.  Whatever they earned, they took it to Britain and result was India became one of the world’s poorest countries and Britain is still one of the world’s richest countries. Is it so hard for our esteemed politicians to understand that FDI in multi brand retail isn’t a successful story anywhere in the world. Even in US super stores like Walmart are held responsible for many of manufacturing job losses from US to China.

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All the arguments given by Congress for allowing FDI in multibrand retail are bogus. The multi brand retail FDI never helps the local farmer as when purchasing power becomes concentrated in hands for few super stores, farmers are forced to bear losses as Guardian newspaper recently found out in UK. Building up cold storage facility is government’s responsibility so instead of opening up that sector and developing infrastructure, Congress opted for selling nation to foreigners. It’s Congress which is responsible for mess in our infrastructure sector as they are ones who ruled independent India 85% of the time. I think Congress has chosen this way first to suppress bribery related issues in Walmart’s ongoing India operations and secondly to bring black money of its leaders from outside India.

If Congress can get its way in toxic decision of passing multi brand retail FDI than as an Indian you should be worried about two major factors; one is of unprincipled politics and the other is of ignorant voters. But decision to cry more on any of them is not going to yield any results as this is a case of “quid pro quo”. These two factors feed on each other and in end we get result of Mulayam & Mayawati. In my opinion, from now onwards the male Chameleon in India should be called Mulayam & the female Chameleon should be called Mayawati. Personal interest of getting exposed by CBI can bring two arch enemies like Mulayam & Mayawati together but they can never come together for betterment of India as whole. Its such a pity that we have to bear politicians like Karunanidhi, Mulayam, Mayawati & Sharad Pawar, who oppose this FDI at their state level but support Congress in bringing it at center level. Their double speak is so obvious but there are high chances that they would again be elected by ignorant masses of India.

I am simply amazed by arrogance of Congress in many issues. They justify the same crime when they do it and create a hue and cry when they find it was from any opposition member. The way they have pushed aside Vadra corruption, brought back Abhishek Manu SInghvi to news channels even after his shameful sexual expose on TV, arrogance of Gandhi family members of treating India as their personal property, indulging in unimaginable diatribe against institutions like supreme court, CAG, CVC and others, indulging in open corruption and loot and still ruling India is beyond my imagination. There is something seriously wrong with us Indians that we let these thugs & cheats rule us for so long.

Few days ago, Manmohan Singh, just like some sage, has opened my eyes to a new wonder as he says money doesn’t grow on trees & poor me was always thinking that it does. Till two weeks ago when MMS’s golden words enlightened me, I didn’t understand why my father was working so hard when we could have plucked the green leaves money from home grown "MoneyPlant" which is so common in every Indian home. Perhaps MMS, like his knowledge of economics, got confused that people of India are really thinking that MoneyPlant is not actual "Money" plant. As per Congress we Indians are still thinking of Moneyplant as actual “Money” plant and this thinking is coming in our understanding of financial mess that this government has created by recklessly spending on unproductive schemes like MNREGA, NRHM, Food Security, policy paralysis and doing mega corruption scams. Perhaps the bureaucrat robot economist must ask this question first that who is responsible for all this mess. He can lavishly spend hundreds of crores on putting advertisement of even a dog of Gandhi family, Pratibha Patil taking her all distance relatives on foreign tours and spending 7200 INR per plate on UPA anniversary dinner but he has objection on why middle class and poor Indians are having more than 6 cylinders per year for cooking their everyday meal. He conveniently blocks Gujarat’s proposal of taking gas pipelines in most of the cities and thereby saving lots of money sales, distribution & bottling operations but has no trouble in allowing wasteful expenditure and running such a big, bloated and fat government which just eats up revenue in corruption and Sonia’s medical (I doubt it) trips abroad.

If anyone has listened to MMS's boring monologue, he says all these things in such a robotic fashion that I now really admire how much Sonia has trained him to carry out any order that she wants to implement.  I think MMS & Madam’s Congress still think that Indians are living in 1950s mentality and they can still rule the ignorant masses. When we have this type of corrupt people ruling India, who can go to any length for supporting stupid arguments, then it’s time for India to stand up against such insensitive & corrupt rulers.

Author : Hemant Dubey | Follow the writer on twitter/indianyogi

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