Meditate with Sri Sri, A New Beginning : 12-12-12

Published: Tuesday, Dec 11,2012, 10:27 IST
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It was a Sunday Afternoon. The sun continued to play hide and seek, yet I could tangible feel the warmth in the air.

After several years in the world of investments, nirvana to me was uninterrupted dreamless restful sleep and waking up with a smile. The concept of closing my eyes and not sleeping (but still resting?) was alien to me.

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I consciously chose to try an online guided meditation. Soon, a sweet soothing voice (Sri Sri) took me through a journey which I had never experienced before. I felt for the first time, I had invested in myself! That silence, that calmness  for those few moments was surreal!

When I opened my eyes (I had to force them open because it was just blissful being in that space) I had not realized that it was more than 20 min!

And something most unusual, was that silly grin on my face. I realized that in this mad rush of doing things, keeping up to my commitments, I had forgotten how to smile!

Its true when they say- its all in your mind. Meditation helped me sharpen and hone my intellect too!

Meditation is now a part of my routine. Just like washing off the dirt from your body, meditation helps me clear my mind and energizes me to work efficiently.

When I am facing challenges, or I come to a grinding creative block, I know where and how to get my answers. All it takes is 20 min... Just a click away !!

- Ketan A, artoflivingsblog

Don't miss this chance to Meditate Live with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji!

Live Webcast : Meditation with Sri Sri
Feb'06 - Over 2.5 million people came together and meditated for world peace in Bangalore, India.
Jul'11 - 70,000 people from around the world assembled in Berlin & shared together moments of peace.
Sep'12 - 150 000 Argentines meditated against violence and to create a stress-free world.

Live meditation will take place in 3 time zones. Choose a time from following that suits you best :
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