What is Life of Pi all about?

Published: Sunday, Dec 16,2012, 15:39 IST
What is Life of Pi all about, art of living and life of pie, sri sri with life of pie

Art of Living with Life of Pi ...

What is life of Pi all about? When I watched the movie, I could co-relate my own life with the movie. In fact, it is the story of everybody’s life. We also go through so many storms throughout our life.

What was it which came as the only knowledge to overcome all the obstacles? The little book in the life boat about the survival in the ocean. There was a little book in the form of a manual which helped Pi to overcome the obstacles in the stormy ocean and helped him live with the tiger while feeding himself and the tiger, keeping both alive.

life of pie

In our daily life too, we live with Hyena (negative mind), Zebra (vulnerable mind), Orangutan (protective mind). But the most important of all those is the Richard Parker – The Tiger. That is the valor and inner strength within us that sustains us till we reach the destination. It keeps us alive in the most difficult situation in our life. PI used all techniques to keep the tiger and himself alive. The knowledge about the self and the reality of life only can help us move forward and reach our destination.

What is the little book that always come as survival for the storms in my own life? Before doing Art of Living programs, I used to remain tensed without any solution and believe me, I could never found any solution to overcome those problems. The problem would go away with time giving way to new problems!

But after doing the Art of Living course and experiencing the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in my life, my life has been enriched with a new dimension of living. Life has got its true meaning and purpose.

life of pie

The yoga taught in the Art of Living, the technique of Sudarshan Kriya, Seva, Satsang, and Meditation taught by Sri Sri helps me to keep the valor alive to face the challenges of the world. Guruji’s knowledge, love and compassion keeps me going and helps me overcome any difficulty while retaining the inner peace and strength.

Everyday, may be a new challenge, but it just goes away and leaves me smiling and makes me feel at home. Thank you Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Satyajit Behera, artoflivingsblog

Image Source : lifeofpimovie.com, fb.com/lifeofpi

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