An Indian prophecy to become true on 20 December 2012

Published: Wednesday, Dec 19,2012, 23:03 IST
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Most of people around the world are very curious about what is going to happen on Friday 21 Dec 2012, as Mayan long cycle is coming to an end. Many have said that it would be end of this world as we see it. But looking at all scientific evidence it’s a highly unlikely scenario. In my view the end of long Mayan cycle actually means that there would be an end to our old thinking process in world as we see it today and people world over will become more enlighten with each passing day. I am not sure about what is really going to happen after 21st December as per Mayan Calendar but I am really sure about what is going to happen on 20th December 2012 after Gujarat election results.
Narendra Modi’s thumping victory in Gujarat election will mark the beginning of the end of Congress brand of divide, rule & appeasement politics in India. Modi’s politics has really destroyed long held political wisdom of Indian political pundits and Congress, SP, BSP type politicians, who still believe that Indians are just made up of large voting blocs based on religion, castes & languages and people will continue to vote on religion, caste or language basis and it doesn’t matter whether you give them any real development or not.

I am not blaming these politicians to think like that because to an extent Indians actually behaved in the same fashion. Anyone can play a caste reservation card and get their votes en bloc. Anyone can play regional pride & language card and get vote en bloc. Anyone could play the religion card and again get vote en bloc by showing the fear of others coming to power and butchering the whole community out. Congress, since first election in India has mastered this art of divide, rule & appeasement politics, where they knew that real development is not needed and only lip service can assure them of power. The Dalits who used be greatest voting bloc for Congress started realizing that soon and started voting for other political parties. Muslims on other hand have different strategy in Loksabha & Vidhan Sabha elections and they vote for the party which can defeat BJP. This defeating BJP at any cost mindset comes from imaginary fear of RSS which Digvijay & Mulayam type of politicians help in sustaining. Congress or Mulayam has never really worked for real Muslim interest of development and education but taken them for a ride on emotive issues. Because if they can get votes for free why to actually work for it.

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Congress brand of politics is big believer in status quo as status quo serves the purpose of establishment. In maintaining status quo the rich and powerful maintain their control over masses and tweak the system as per their will. They milk the system to their maximum use, become owner of big businesses, get prime residential & commercial land at throw away prices, get their work done at ease and still enjoy 24X7 police protection to do all illegal activities. These pro status quo elites also control the media and sing the tune of establishment with no real public interest in mind. I am sure you all might have seen it how NDTV always sings Congress tune and some journalists like Alok Mehta, Veer Sanghvi & Barkha Dutt make it too obvious to see their vested interests. The arrival of social media platforms has changed it all. Now you atleast get to hear the real view of masses and information flows more or less freely. The openness of social media has become the big issue of status quo maintaining people as they see their deeds are coming out in open. The status quo maintaining elites don’t have larger public interest in mind and that’s why they are against the change.

But for their bad luck India still produces real leaders who really think of doing something for whole Indians and never accepts the status quo. Modi’s style of politics is against all status quo as he believes in destroying all establishments which worked for elites and make the system common people friendly. Since Modi is against that status quo that’s why ruling elites across political and media are afraid of losing their control and ask for Modi’s head. Even though some Muslims still believe in Congress and so call secular propaganda and see him as the person responsible for post Godhra violence but many have seen his work and as per the exit polls even voting for him. The Muslims in Gujarat have shown the way for Muslims all around India, they are sending their children to modern schools, getting involved in business and building their community in positive way. That’s why Muslims in Gujarat are better off than so called secular states like west Bengal and uttar Pradesh. His performance is so good that leaua Patel caste, instead of voting for Keshubhai Patel, votes for him in large number. He gives elections speeches in Hindi and no Gujrati minds it. He has made all old wisdom of keeping caste, religion and regional constituencies happy an old fashioned subject.

Author : Hemant Dubey | Follow the writer on twitter/indianyogi

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