Bharat-Vs-India, Swami Vivekananda and DNA of Intellectuals

Published: Tuesday, Jan 08,2013, 19:00 IST
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My grandfather used to tell me a story. There used to live a great astrologist and palmist in a village. He could look after the palms and foretell future of anyone as if through the power of prophesy. One day, a gentleman came to him with his son and requested him to examine streaks of his son’s thenar. Upon a careful examination, the Palmist said: - “Your son doesn’t exhibit good traits. He will never be able to earn Vidya”. The gentleman got worried. He asked,” What to do then? I am worried about his future.” The palmist said-“Nothing to worry, get him admitted in an English Medium School”. The gentleman did as suggested. The boy studied in an English Medium School and he became an “Intellectual” and earned a lot of name and fame and became filthy rich. The only thing that he could not earn is “Vidya”.

Before I begin with the DNA of intellectual, let me first clarify this term which used to be central theme of our education system but seems alien to us now “Vidya” which is untranslable in English. Vishnu Purana: 1.19.41 says- “saa vidhyaa yaa vimuktaye~ Education is that which liberates. To elaborate it, as per my understanding- “Liberate yourself from Ego, hatred, fetish obsessions, insinuations, ignorance and live in consciousness of GOD”.  That was “Bharat”. Time changes ceaselessly. “Bharat” became India. Meaning of education withered and of the many dimensions that education possessed, the spiritual dimension was deliberately, willfully and covertly removed. All that remained was nothing but knowledge of “matter”. A new breed came up and developed in due course of time. It took a lot of time for this breed to develop and finally usurp as the fountainhead of society with final words on anything and everything under the sun. Now that intellectuals have begun to project themselves in all dimensions of life, it is high time we understood them with clarity.

It took me more than 25 years to become conscious of possibility of this new breed of “Intellectuals”. Long back, when I was a kid, I used to watch a TV-serial called “The Sword of Tipu Sultan”. This was no common serial. I used to watch it with wrapped wonderment every weekend without fail. Subconsciously, I developed a lot of respect for Muslim rulers of India and grew up with a feeling of belonging to a nation not fragmented into narrow walls of differences based on religion. I had a friend who would always talk about evils of Islam. I used to be obnoxious of his obsession with Islam and Christianity till I discovered that Tipu was no patriot but one of those rulers who wanted to make India an Islamic state and that his perpetual hatred against Hindus was implacable. I did some search and landed here. It is then that I discovered that the TV serial was no original story of Tipu but a fictitious one.  So many interesting observations followed:

  1. a fictitious novel was written by Bhagwan Gidwani on an anti-Hindu ruler whose only aim was to exterminate all other religions and install Islam in India
  2. The story was shown on National Channel which was not in national interest
  3. Supreme Court didn’t take any action against the telecast of this serial but completed the formality when a case was filed against them by suggesting them to add a disclaimer in every episode.

Later, I discovered that this whole phenomenon of distortion and manipulation of history with a disclaimer was one of the dimensions of what I was taught in school as one of the fundamental pillars of India- “Secularism” and that it was the product of an Intellectual system with intellectual writer, producer, government and judiciary. This art of sowing seeds of undeserving reverence for Muslim rulers who were perpetual annihilators of Hindus and Hindu culture is one of the exclusive characteristic of “Intellectuals” who have comfortably alienated themselves from the puissant culture of “Bharat”.

People like me who grew up unaware of this breed of Intellectuals become restless and start wondering about a possible solution. The first thing that comes to mind is to ban these serials and books that come with disclaimers that appear for a fraction of minute in a 1-hour T.V serial. Fie on me and all such people who think like that. No, our intellectuals say that banning books or TV serials is no solution and that it is against the fundamentals of the kind of society that Intellectuals have been trying to groom since decades. I shall give you one such example. Ram Chandra Guha is an intellectual. He lives in a corner of “Intellect” and from there projects his intelligence on various fields:-Cricket, History, Social Issues, Religion, Politics etc. He writes on India sitting in far-off lands of intellectuals and puts all his efforts to make India a country of Intellectuals. Of late, Indians have developed a deep sense of respect for such people who talk intellectual things which is evident from the fact that all his books are bestsellers. Unfortunately, even today I struggle to understand these intellectuals. However, I do try. I came across a piece by Guha in which he pours vitriol on all those who advocate banning controversial and blasphemous books. Coincidentally this piece talked about a book written on Sri Aurobindo who happened to be a spiritual giant and given that I had (and still have) deep interest in Sri Aurobindo, I wanted to understand the point that Guha, the Intellectual, wanted to make. I have been reading Sri Aurobindo since couple of years now and given that he has written more than 30,000 pages on Spirituality, I began to check Guha’s interest and understanding on Spirituality. Whoa, I landed on one of the interviews in which he talks about Spirituality. Here, he says:-“Spirituality means nothing at all to me. I am a sociologist telling a story. I deal with specifics. I am not a philosopher so I can understand religion or faith, but spirituality I cannot understand and it means nothing to me. It is a meaningless term.” He further adds,” And I have never used it [Spirituality] in anything I have ever written. I can make sense of religion, of forms of worship, of prayer, of ideas about the supernatural. But spirituality is one of those utterly meaningless, pointless words. It should be abolished from the English language.” So, you see that in this piece, he advocates unconditional freedom and vehemently oppose banning books but in this piece he proposes to ban the very word-spirituality. This is yet another characteristic of Intellectuals who profess the idea of “India” over “Bharat”-ban everything that has its roots in Bharat and make it an India.

Exterminating a civilization with thousands of years of history is no mean task. It needs a Himalayan effort and you will be surprised to know that people are leaving no stones unturned to cut the tree that has been giving it shade since ages. A concerted effort is being put. And, since the very aim of these intellectuals is to exterminate “Bharat”, how can they spare those scriptures in which lies the very heart of “Bharat” or for that matter our spiritual leaders, our freedom fighters? No, never underestimate these intellectuals.  There is no dearth of Ram Chandra Guhas in society who know not a fig about these things but the moment someone talks about these, they will climb on vantage point and pass verdicts on gospels of “Hinduism”. Let us take one example-“Ramayana, Sita, Laxman Rekha and Position of women in India”.  There are countless number of Intellectuals who take no time to call Rama a misogynist. Let us look at this observation from their intellectual perspective.

  1. Rama was a husband. The fact that he was a King also need not be considered here since I am an Intellectual and my whole motto is to prove that Rama was a misogynist.
  2. Rama should not have listened to his “Praja-Subject” and subjected his wife to such treatment like Agni Pariksha.
  3. Men and women have equal rights. Why did Rama take Sita with him on exile?
  4. Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he subjected his wife to such torture and hence “Hindu religion” is misogynist by principle.  Hindu religion has its roots in “Bharat” and since Hindu religion is already proved to be “misogynist” in nature, we must get rid of “Bharat” and exterminate all such scriptures and transform it to make an India.

These are all intellectual observations. What kind of intellectuals are they?

  1. If you ask these intellectuals the color of a big cubical box with each side painted with different colors, they will go and check one of its sides and come back saying:-It’s of red color, or green color. Upon questioning, they might end up stressing on the need of an “Objective” analysis. What is the objective-“to prove that color of the cube is red”?  This is how “Ramayana” becomes an unmeaning scripture and people with such profound conclusions become “Intellectual”.
  2. In our physics book, if you remember, there was something called “frame of reference”. Let us say there is a car travelling along a road at some speed. The speed of this car will differ depending upon whether we take road as our reference frame or some other car or train which is also travelling at some speed. The kind of Intellectuals who come up with profound observations as put above are the same who rote-learnt this concept to solve problems of mechanics. However, while judging Scriptures, they do not consider these things for the intellectual schools never told them to use this in all aspects. They judge Ramayana but the reference frame that they select is 21st century and the objective lens with which they look after different episodes of Ramayana or for that matter any such scripture remains dusted with cascading layers of ignorance.
  3. These intellectuals are the same who go on honeymoon trips by leaving their parent’s in asylum and hence their limited intelligence can never judge the message contained in the fact that “Rama” went on exile by obeying his father and sacrificed all his comforts for his father. Also, they can never understand message of unconditional and eternal love contained in the fact that Sita accompanied Rama in his 14 years of exile; for, they do not one thing without expectation of return and the philosophy of their love remains limited to “Valentine day gifts” and “I love you” sms-es. And, to talk about the duty of a King is indeed foolish in this “India” where number of cases of corruption, loot, rape, murder etc add to the glories of our rulers and ministers.
  4. Lastly, what do you expect these intellectual people to understand about the concept of “Incarnation” by doing a 2-minute quick search on Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries whose founders never had a freaking idea about this “term”.

Let us try to understand yet another trait of these “Intellectuals”. Of late, Intellectuals have begun to cite verses from scriptures to prove that their observations are well-researched and scholarly. They read Vedas and select hymns that project Brahmins eating beef [Go-Ghna], Hindu Gods drinking wine [Soma] etc and come up with profound conclusions that fit their levels of intelligence and their perennial quest of ridiculing Hindus, Bharat and Hindu Scriptures. These guys read entire Veda, do their dissertations, earn name and fame and usurp as intellectuals but they know not that Vedas can’t be read for they have secret meanings which were meant only to keep “Vedas” away from the reach of foolish intellectuals. Let us take a look at what Rig-Veda [IV.3.16] says,”

eta visva viduse tubhyam vedho nthani agne ninya vacamsi; nivacana kavaye kavyani, asamsisam matibhir vipra ukthaih”. It means:-“All these are secret words that I have uttered to thee who knowest, O Agni, O Disposer, words of leading, words of seer-knowledge that express their meaning to the seer, -- I have spoken them illumined in my words and my thinkings.”
To illustrate it, let me give you one example.  “Gau” is a Sanskrit word that finds reference in more than 100 verses of Rig-Veda. If you happen to ask anyone they would readily end up telling you that “Gau” means cow. However, the fact is this that the word “Gau” has 100s of meanings as is evident from here. How can an intellectual, grammarian, philologist, scholar who could never go beyond their obsession of dictionaries understand which meaning of the word “Gau” is implied in the context? Yeah, this is the level of these intellectuals who have now usurped as the fountainhead of our society.

The making of India from Bharat is the degradation and withering of a country from a civilization that used to attach highest importance to women to a piece of land that treats them as objects for sexual-gratification and credit for this goes to “Intellectuals”. The concept of transforming Bharat to India is about being ignorant of that economy which once used to be 33% of world GDP and 3 times that of Western Europe to an economy of abject poverty and credit for this goes to “Intellectuals”. The very Idea of India is about turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the fact that it is here that Bharat not only enlightened the world with the wisdom of Veda and Vedanta but also taught people the medical science and flew aircrafts much before Wright Brothers did and origins of all these can be traced back to nothing else than “Vedas”. When the world had neither any freaking idea of civilization nor that of science and technology nor that of art and architecture, economy and administration, music and dance, Bharat was already basking in glories. However, our intellectuals don’t find these hidden meanings in the term-“Bharat” which is not merely a term but the “idea” of reclaiming our days of glory and becoming world leader once again. In our intellectuals’ definition “Bharat” means an illiterate, rustic villager who does not speak French and Latin and do not embrace “white skin” ladies of west. This set of people who see yet see not and hear yet understand not are called as “Intellectuals” and their very DNA is made of “Ignorance” which is but the product of English Mindset.

Now that we have discovered the DNA of “Intellectuals” and concept of a dead, week, meek and lifeless India over the “Golden Bird, Bharat”, it must not be understood that no-one ever tried to revive “Bharat” back to old-gold days. We had always had Heroes like Swami Vivekananda who spent his entire life teaching people to give up ignorance, indifference, bigotry, treachery, misogyny, inertia, fetish obsessions and work selflessly for the service of nation, its people and aspire only for “truth”. However, ironically, mushroom of growth of people who exhibit all such qualities of an “Intellectual” I discussed above keep failing “Swami Vivekananda” day in and day out which is evident from this “Intellectual” piece of “Sanjay Srivastava” published in “The Hindu” read mostly by “Intellectuals.

To conclude, I can only hope and pray that the society stops producing “Intellectuals” at such rapid pace. Excess of Intellectuals is not good for a healthy society. Let us not be Intellectual but Spiritual. Let us not yearn for a “Cambridge” degree but for “Vidya”. That alone will help.

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