Is it the time to think about permanent solution for Pakistan problem?

Published: Saturday, Jan 12,2013, 23:33 IST
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I was born & brought up in a very small town in central India. As a child I used to go Annual Dashara Kavi Sammelan with my father. I think I was 12-13 years old when I heard a poem titled “Kashmir Mat Maango Kah Do Pakistan Hamara Hai” by Shri Abdul Jabbar (I am not sure about name). I again heard that poem in my school on annual Hindi poem recital competition. At that time I wasn't that much aware about world and Indian politics but somehow this poem agitated me from inside. I still remember that day coming back home with a heavy heart.

The feeling that someone wants to take away my mother India's belongings created a deep sense of rage. Probably I count that day as the day of my political awakening. As a child I forgot the rage and anger after 2 or 3 days but that poem always echoed in my mind. The poem says to anti India people that forget Kashmir but its Pakistan which belongs to India. I don’t want Pakistan to merge with India as it will come with all other problems but Kashmir was & will be an integral part of India.

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It was in 1990-91 and Kashmir Jihadi terrorism was at its peak. Over the years situation improved a little but still we faced Kargil war and many other killings by Jihadis. Despite several promises by top Pakistani leaders the situation is not improving on ground as Pakistani Army & Jihadi elements control politics in Pakistan and they just want to destroy India. Recent beheading of Indian soldiers has proven that line dividing hatred filled Jihadi & professional army of a sovereign state is long erased in case of Pakistan. This scenario of Pakistani Army & Jihadi Control of Pakistan is not going to change in coming years. The Sunni Deobandi terrorists of Lashkar –E- Jhangvi killed some 200 Shias in Quetta 2 days ago. There is not a single day passed when you don’t hear news about Muslims killing each other in Pakistan & Afghanistan & you can just imagine situation of minorities. That’s why I think that it’s the right time to think about a strategy to put an end to our sufferings & saving lot of innocent lives in south Asian region. This comprehensive territorial realignment & adjustment will solve our Kashmir issue & help in better management of current Af-Pak region.

I know that the proposed strategy won’t go down well with so called secularists, Pakistani & Jihadi apologists but for any right minded Indian, Pakistani & Afghani these points may prove to end what we have to suffer every day. This proposed solution has two parts & success of one is dependent on other. Let’s first take Af-Pak region. This region is boiling for a long time & lots of territorial adjustment, which will result in birth of few more countries, seems to be only viable solution for better management & saving human lives. The Af-Pak region realignment would work as follows;

1) Pakistani Punjabis control Army & Administration in current Pakistan so a new country which is made up of Pakistan Punjab should be formed & that should be new boundaries of Pakistan

2) The Sindh province of Pakistan should be given option of merging with India or become independent country.

3) Baloch areas of Pakistan & Afghanistan should be merged to form a new country – Balochistan

4) Pashtun areas of NWFP & Afghanistan should be merged to form a new country – Pakhtunistan

5) The Taziks & Uzbek dominated territories can either be independent countries or should get merged with Tajikistan & Uzbekistan

6) PoK should be merged with India

7) Remaining area of Afghanistan & Pakistan should be divided as per their existing demography & choice.

Islam alone can’t be basis of forming a country. Separation of Bangladesh & current scenario in Af-Pak region proves this point. If religion could unite people in one country there wouldn’t have been 56 countries in OIC. Pakistan is a failed nation & it should be treated like one. It was formed on hatred & that’s why you see so much hatred there. Now let’s focus on Solution to Kashmir Issue. As per me the best solution to Kashmir problem includes in making Kashmir non-exclusive state and treat it as per with other Indian states. Following are the points we should think about from Indian perspective of solving this issue;

1) For having permanent peace I gave lot of thought about making LoC as international border between India and Pakistan. It means that PoK which is already there with Pakistan will remain with them. But existence of Pakistan itself looks in doubt so let’s not think over that any more as it won’t solve any permanent purpose. So after Pakistan gets divided in many countries we will have PoK merged in India. The Jihadi elements that hate idea of India should be given three options, a) Stay in India Peacefully b) Go and live in new Pakistan or any other new country in Af-pak region which accepts them c) live in prison. It’s as simple as that. I don't know why these cheerleaders of Pakistan want Kashmir to be merged with Pakistan when they are seeing what happened with Mujahirs & Shias and what is happening in current PoK.

2) Abolish article 370

3) Divide J&K into three states of Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh.

4) Just hang those who are found to be involved in terrorist attacks. When China kills Jihadi militants in Xinxiang province than no country on earth criticizes them than why should we bother about criticism.

Independent Kashmir is not an option because Kashmir is part of India from time immemorial & will remain so till end of this world. Kashmiri interests are better served if they are in India.

Greater Autonomy for Kashmir is not an option as I don’t know what else we can give as autonomy. So if given autonomy in all aspects of life isn’t working fine then just take it back and make this state as any other state of India. Kashmir is very important to Idea of India, it completes us as nation.

The proposed solutions require the will of a nation to stand as one in case of situations like this but when we have so many anti national, publicity hungry secular columnists and intellectuals, we will continue to face all sorts of difficulties as these parasites and viruses are making India sick from within. These foreign funded anti nationals serve only purpose of corrupt Congress. On 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand today I am using his words to end my column – “Arise and Awake Indians”. We have to take destiny of this nation in our hand.

There should be only one Passion... Rise of this Great Nation. Vande Mataram

Author : Hemant Dubey | Follow the writer on twitter/indianyogi
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