Pakistan slips into crisis mode again : It's fate is turning but which side?

Published: Wednesday, Jan 16,2013, 01:26 IST
Imraan Khan, Pakistan, Tarak Fateh, Najam Sethi, Military Judiciary

After an eventful day in Pakistan, it has become very interesting to see what the next. As far as "Pakistani Awaam" is concerned it is too divided and confused on these series of events. A certain section of media and intellects however here in India is very exciting over it. All the "never before" secular democratic spirit waving in streets of Islamabad appears to be very aspiring, encouraging and appealing to intellectuals in India here and making them fanatic of brotherhood & permanent peace across border.

However a reality-check of all these happenings is not that encouraging and presents a different version of truth inside. All these so called self-driven series of happenings are well planned and choreographed as per the claims of eminent Pakistani Journalists and experts. These claims however did not attract much attention at starting but at a later stage when all things started to happen exactly as pro-claimed, compelled to re-think.

And with announcement of Imraan Khan to launch/join the march, it seems to be happening ditto in Pakistan as indicated by Tarak Fateh one & half year ago and as predicted by Najam Sethi last night in very detail. All this turmoil in Pakistan is well-choreographed by Military-Judiciary establishments. In fact it is just an attempt of coup with most sophisticated tools ever in history of Pak - but a coup is a coup in whatever form!!

As far as Quadri is concerned- May he be a man of nice motives (this is subject to examine too); but right now seems to be playing into hands of Pakistani Army & fundamentalists. Once he would be well utilized to de stabilize govt. in Islamabad and derail parliamentary democracy, Army will thrash him and his "million-men" in ruthliest manner ever in Pak if situation keeps on developing as choreographed. The illogical support of most fundamentalist parties of Pak to this liberal & secular march too, seems to get it's answer in light of mentioned game plan. Also Earlier much criticized decision of making Army as patron for coming general elections in Pak by Supreme Court and now timing of Chief Justice to issue arrest warrant of Pak PM is just a consequence of this well-planned series of events. In fact the created tension at LoC with India is also a little part of this big planning.

And at the last- In awake of these all turmoil in it's most critical neighbor, message for my country is- be cautious, be vigilant, be prepared as the "return of glorious days" of Pak Army has been planned in a perfect manner & being implemented in even a more perfect way. Don't be overwhelmed with these revolutionary slogans of democracy and secularism echoing in Pakistan today because it is containing seeds of war-crying fundamentalist anti-india military rule there!!

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