Katju's unmitigated hatred towards Narendra Modi

Published: Monday, Feb 18,2013, 08:37 IST
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Lying seems to be a morbid obsession with all Narendra Modi haters. Given all the lies that India’s mainstream media spread about his involvement in post-Godhra riots, which contradicted those very facts they’d themselves published earlier, as pointed out here, it is befitting that their chief of Press Council of India outclasses them in terms of both, the capacity to spread malicious lies and the level of bigotry that they nurture against Modi.

Arun Jaitley has prepared a clear case in his blog as to why Katju must quit. That Katju is returning the favours to his post-retirement employers, should not be any surprise. But, it’s important to highlight how he has such deep bias against Narendra Modi that he uses blatant lies to tarnish Modi’s image. It’s for the first time in a long while that Narendra Modi had to react to such calumny against him.

Let’s look at Katju’s lies paragraph by paragraph. (Original article at The Hindu)

He starts with, “People clamouring for Narendra Modi should realise the only policy which can take India on the path of progress is equal respect and treatment for all communities.”, the obvious implication being that Narendra Modi, as a matter of policy does not confer equal treatment on all communities. Anyone who has listened to Modi’s speeches and has followed his work, can bear testimony to the fact that Modi always speaks for and works for his 6 Crore Gujaratis, and perhaps he’s the only politician of his stature to do so. Contrast it with the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh’s official statement issued in the meeting of the National Development Council at New Delhi, on December 9th, 2006, in which he said that Muslims must have first right on India’s resources. It was Narendra Modi who said that the poor must have first right. One must possess an infinite bias against Modi to still imply that Modi doesn’t treat communities with equal respect, when the reverse is true for Modi baiters who hold Hindus in utter contempt.

Following this, Katju confesses but laments how Narendra Modi is being hailed as most suited to be India’s Prime Minister, by not just people at the Kumbh mela but by ‘educated’ (sic) youth too. Again, look at the implications. First implication is that only uneducated people attend Kumbh mela. And those who’re supporting Modi outside Kumbh mela are educated but in quotes. No wonder it comes from a man who has proclaimed that 90% of the Indians are people of low IQ. I wonder how does Katju’s intelligence co-exist with this level of arrogance and bigotry, coz’ one of the first shlokas we were taught was, “Vidya Dadaati vinayam” (Knowledge gives humility).

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Then Katju cites the example of how he met a Gujarati businessman in his flight and asked him about the killing of 2000 (sic) Muslims. There! LIES! On 11th May 2005, from the floor of the parliament of India, Union Minister Shriprakash Jaiswal told the house that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in Gujarat riots. One has to be a Katju to count 790 Muslims’ dead bodies as 2000 and 254 Hindus’ dead bodies as 0. Any wonder this guy is the boss of the crooks who constitute the main-stream media!

And then, he mentions that the peace that prevails in Gujarat is the peace of the graveyard! One cannot measure the disgust this statement induces with any scale.

He also implies that no Justice for 2002 riots has been done. The fact is that there have been a world-record 249 convictions (at least) till now in 19 cases. The government of Gujarat spent around Rs 35 lakh a day on relief camps in March April 2002, in the camps in which were 1 lakh Muslims and 40,000 Hindus too. Houses were constructed for the homeless and all sorts of help was given to both Hindus and Muslims who suffered in the riots. The Gujarat Government spent more than 204 crores.

Then follow more Katju-lies labelled as truth. He writes, “The truth today is that Muslims in Gujarat are terrorised and afraid that if they speak out against the horrors of 2002 they may be attacked and victimised. In the whole of India, Muslims (who number over 200 million) are solidly against Mr. Modi (though there are a handful of Muslims who for some reason disagree).”

In Katju-styled secular logic, 20 lakh people attend the funeral procession of Balasaheb Thackeray because they were scared of him and Gujarati Muslims vote for Narendra Modi because they’re terrorised (sic).

From here on, Katju’s piece betrays his lack of sensitivities for Hindu victims of Sabarmati express carnage and becomes obnoxious to say the least. He says, “there is still mystery as to what exactly happened in Godhra”.

After the Nanavati commission’s report and the court’s observation that a mob of Muslims gathered at Signal Falia near Godhra railway station with 140+ litres of Petrol and burnt the coach of Sabarmati express killing brutally 59 Hindu devotees coming from Ayodhya, and that was after the slogans of “Hindustan Murdabad” were shouted from the Godhra mosque, and even convicted the culprits, Katju still sees mystery about what happened in Godhra.

This is how low the people of his breed can stoop to defend inhuman and barbaric killers and tarnish the innocent ones!  He totally whitewashes the fact that the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner P C Pandey himself had said that so much was the anger among people that it was physically impossible to prevent riots. Katju makes no reference to the fact that Indian army was flag marching in Ahmedabad just the very second day of riots and it was Narendra Modi who had made that possible in his tireless attempts to curb riots.

Following this, Katju with his infinite wisdom calls India a country of immigrants and that the only policy which can keep India together is secularism! While one can dismiss the first part as a mindless rant of a crazy person, one wonders how exactly India was kept together under Chandragupt Mourya, Ashoka, or Harshwardhan? He ignores the fact that Hinduism in its very core encompasses the idea of universal acceptance that the limited concept of Katju’s secularism has failed to encompass yet. It is because of this reason that Hindus accepted Zoroastrians and Syrian Christians, Buddhism and Jainism flourished under Hindu kingdoms before being wiped out by barbaric Islamic onslaughts as Dr. Ambedkar mentions in his writings. But according to Katju, it was Akbar’s and Nehru’s secularism which can keep India together! Obviously, he makes no reference to the Hindu genocide that took place under centuries of Islamic rule, to commemorate which people like Francois Gautier have been trying to come up with a Hindu holocaust museum.

Katju’s hatred for Modi then extends to Hindus. He says, India doesn’t belong to Hindus alone and they cannot live as first-rate citizens alone. Well, a historical fact is that India was divided into 2 pieces just 65 years back because a section of Indians had overwhelmingly voted against living with Hindus. Those people settled in their Pakistan and purged their newly acquired land of any Hindus. That said, Hindus are still asking for equal rights only. It is the minorities which have been extended privileges at the cost of Hindus. Is it a joke that after Hindus parted with 1/3rd of their land that there’s talk of giving religion based reservation to Muslims in government jobs and education institute? It’s for all to see who’s being treated as second rate citizen here.

Katju then peddles more lies. He mentions Ehsan Jafri who was killed by a mob. He doesn’t mention the fact that Gujarat police saved near 180 Muslims out of 250 who were there in Jafri’s house from a 20000 strong mob when Jafri had further provoked the mob by firing at them! After betraying his absolute disregard for the judiciary, Justice Katju assumes an air of sanctimony by saying that he won’t say more as the matter is sub-judice.

Towards  the end, Katju makes  an attempt in vain by rubbishing the development claims of Narendra Modi citing abstract things such as “environmental degradation is rising, educational standards are falling, and malnutrition among children is abnormally high”. Fact is that Gujarat is the only state in India where water level has come up due to Modi government’s environment centric policies. Gujarat has managed to reduce the drop-out rate among elementary school children from a high of 49% to near zero. In higher education sector, Gujarat has opened around 30 Universities over 10 years to remove an appalling scarcity of educational infrastructure. This includes a world-class Forensic Science University as well.

Katju concludes his piece of lies and hatred with an appeal to the people of India (90% of whom he has declared idiots) to consider all his trash to be concerned about India’s future, “otherwise they may make the same mistake which the Germans made in 1933.”

I find it beneath contempt to even comment on this comparison with Hitler. Hitler ordered killing of Jews. Modi spent 35 lakh a day on victims of the riots, which included Hindus as well as Muslims. All I can do is to pray to God to have mercy on the likes of Katju, for the amount of hatred they’ve cultivated for Modi, is going to make their lives a journey of unmitigated anguish as his rise is unstoppable now, and India deserves him as her Prime Minister, and more and more people are realizing that and getting determined to make what Katju thinks would be a mistake!

Rest in peace anti-Modi bigotry – your time’s over.

PS: As a former judge, Justice Katju should know that he cannot presume guilt because of any ‘bazaar gossip’ to use the words of Arun Jaitley. He would do well to refute the uncontested challenge on the basis of facts before speaking against an elected CM. Else, it only proves how unfit he’s to be a judge or the PCI Chairman or hold any responsible post for that matter.

(With inputs from GujaratRiots.com)

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