Justice Katju: Retired Genius or Retarded Genius?

Published: Sunday, Apr 07,2013, 10:51 IST
Justice Katju, Retired Genius, sanjay dutt katju case

If one really wish to assess the faces who has been in headlines since last time, he may come across a lot of names in his mind, but when it comes doing this in a very personal capacity- he will be none other than Mr. Katju. A self-claimed all-rounder of every possible subject on this earth. Professionally he is the chairman of Press Council of India, an ex-judge of Supreme Court. He is a man who tries to do everything other than what his duty is, a man who loves to be in headlines very consistently. Right now he is much in air due to his self-kicked campaign for clemency of Sanjay Dutt. As much has been written on Mr. Sanjay Dutt already regarding his case better would be to focus on Mr. Katju of this Katju-Dutt duo.

Mr. Katju is a man who is much hyped for his so-called social understanding, being well read of, scientific knowledge and legal & constitutional expertise. At the same time he is also well known of his constant argue to portray himself a perfectionist while others fool as his many remarks suggests: “90% of Indian are fool” is one of them.

So let’s have a ride to his all self-claimed & media-hyped qualities as above mentioned.

As far as social understanding of Mr. Katju is concerned, his understanding really comes to be a rare and different one as reflected by his judgments as a HC & SC judge. Like in a judgment as SC judge (link) he lets off the prime accuse of a gang rape case when he promises to compensate victim monetarily. So much is his understanding of a social crime like gang-rape. A perfect glimpse of his social understanding.

Now let’s come to much hype of his being very well read of. In a recent TV studio session (his favorite job) he quotes a “Doha” - “क्षमा बडन को चाहिए, छोटन को उत्पात” in support of his pardon campaign for Sanjay Dutt. A very popular doha of famous poet of medieval age, Abdul Rahim Khan Khana However in a surprising way he gives credit of this couplet to Saint Tulsidas- Another famous poet of almost same regime. Well to err is to human. But when one start to claim himself a perfectionist, a superhuman and criticize mercilessly others for small mistakes ; he voluntarily puts himself outside the boundary of such human errors and makes himself well entitled of same degree of merciless critic & scrutiny.

Now his great scientific knowledge comes next. If you really want to get a view of his scientific knowledge, you must know of his ‘historic judgment’ where he refuses to grant any relief to a teacher in his service related case because he finds the teacher unfit for his profession i.e. teaching. Now, how Justice Katju arrives to this conclusion, this is very interesting and may be shocking for some. As per is habit to test intelligence of others, while hearing the case he asks the mathematics lecturer how much it is when one is divided by zero. Teacher replies it is infinity. Katju finds it wrong because as per him it is indefinite. So rejecting all outcomes of limit theory of calculus mathematics and putting himself above of work of all top mathematicians, Katju declares in his court room that one divided by zero happens to be indefinite & not infinity. He does not stop himself here only. He immediately rejects the plea of that teacher due to lack of his professional knowledge & declares him unfit for the job. It is really worthless to comment who is right & who is wrong. Even a class 9th student knows that 1/0 is infinity and it is ∞/∞ or 0 to the power ∞ like formats which are considered indefinite. In fact worth-full will be to think of that teacher here. It is really pitiful to think that how he could regain his respect to judiciary & judges onwards after this incident.

Now at last but not least. Let’s talk on his legal & constitutional expertise, a subject very much related to his own professional field. For this one need not to go much back. Let’s take this latest Sanjay Dutt pardon episode. Almost before every camera of media & in every single media studio, Katju kept saying that Governor can pardon him. However even a law student knows that for central acts like Arms Act (Under which Sanjay Dutt is booked), POTA, TADA etc, it is only President of India who can consider a pardon. Governors are entitled to give pardon only to those cases where one is convicted under a state-assembly framed law. All law & constitution experts kept suggesting same but Katju remained adamant. However later for clemency of Mr. Dutt he himself wrote to President instead of Governor on advice of a SC lawyer. Such knowledge he enjoys in a field where he has been professionally for years.

Now if a teacher can be deprived of his due in promotion due to lack of knowledge in his profession, what about a judge (following the same logic)? Should one not demand to review all judgments delivered by him as a judge? Justice demands same Justice Katju. Your mathematics seems to be weak as your “one upon zero is equal to indefinite” verdict suggests, so let me tell you that set-theory of mathematics implicates you too to that 90% of people whom you call fools. It is the real side of a man called Markandey Katju who tries to do everything other than what his duty is, who is un-logically hyped in media. Mr. Katju doesn’t try to put your feet in shoes bigger than your size. You look laughable while doing so. It is hoped that you will realize your shortcomings and will try to behave in a normal way. One more thing Mr. Katju, have I left any stone unturned in your glory above then request to pardon me.

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