65 MPs who 'Signed' a letter to US President Obama against Modi's visa

Published: Tuesday, Jul 23,2013, 23:35 IST
List of 65 MPs, Signed a letter to US President Obama, modi us visa,

Today 40 Lok Sabha and 25 Rajya Sabha MPs wrote to US President Barack Obama, appeal to continue no visa policy for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Later Ali Anwar (JDU) said, "Yes I have signed on the letter to Barack Obama about Narendra Modi's visa. What is wrong in it?"

Dr. Manish Kumar (Leading Journalist) tweeted," Did Indian MPs like Ali Anwar wrote to US against Modi's Visa? Do they know Americans have killed more muslims than anyone else. Shame!! "

If one does an assessment of the number of Civilian killings US has done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which they call it as collateral damage, it is significant. Apparently Guantanamo Bay, the infamous prison of USA, has no Human Rights, it is located in Cuban geography, hence no US laws are applicable there. Once a prisoner goes in, the chances of him coming out in rightful conditions is minimal (Without a trial in the court)

Akhilesh Mishra tweeted, "Another Now another Question: If one set of MPs can write a letter to a foreign govt. to stop Modi, what is the guarantee another set of MPs will not write to Hafeez Bhai for same purpose?"

Clearly, the way these ‘Secular’ MPs are behaving, one cannot stoop lower than this. The problem is even worse with the Left Fascists. USA, a capitalist country is the most hated country for all the Leftists and yet they did not hesitate to use their begging bowls before USA to deny Modi a Visa.

All these for what: Minority appeasement? Even the secret alleged friendship between sworn enemies Israel and Arab world to eliminate Shia nations Iran & Syria is not as shameful as this new found USA love of Right Wing Islamic & Left Wing leaders of India


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List Source : DeshGujarat

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