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Published: Sunday, Aug 18,2013, 09:01 IST
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Samskrita Bharati is a non-profit NGO which was founded with the sole purpose of reviving the ancient language, Sanskrit. A group of volunteers began a movement to teach laymen to converse in Samskrit through a simple, fun filled part time camp which would last for 10 days for two hours every day. The participants would gain an elementary knowledge of Spoken Samskrit in just 20 hours. Samskrita Bharati has been spearheading this Speak Samskrit Movement for the last 32 years.

Today this movement has flowered into an International Organization operating in 14 countries and touching the lives of millions worldwide. There are a hundred full time volunteers who have pledged their life for the revival of Samskrit and over a 1000 of them who have been dedicated volunteers since the inception. A strong team of 70000 trainers have been developed by Samskrita Bharati who works out of more than 2400 centres from across the country. Due to the efforts of Samskrita Bharati, Sanskrit is now the fastest growing language in the world, with more than 80 Lakh Indians having participated in about 1,26,000 ‘Spoken Samskrit’ Camps organized free of cost so far.

During the Months of July and August over 108 such free camps are being conducted in Bangalore. Samskrita Bharati is organizing a Samskrita Sangama-2013 on the 18th August to commemorate the event. From leading advocates to Software professionals to businessmen entrepreneurs, housewives, kids and hundreds of people from all walks of life are taking part in the camps. The participants of these camps will be with us during the event.

Samskrit Bharati Invites all Bangaloreans to come and Join us in the “Samskrit Sangama” event on 18th August which will have Science in Samskrita exhibition, Samskrit Wikipedia, Book Release, Samskrit Books and CD’s, Samskrit Comics, Cultural festivals and above all a purely “Samskrit Ambience”.  The main purpose of this event is to make people believe that Samskrita is not merely a liturgical language but also a spoken language and by coming over to the Samskrit Sangama event & seeing such a big community of Samskrit speaking people, they will have this conviction. However, we do not want to limit the scope of this program only to Bangalore but want it to be a big hit even outside Bangalore and most importantly on social media platform too.

Twitter has decided to show its support to Samskrit Sangama by changing their DP with one of the many images put here. Tweets like “Samskrit Bharati is celebrating today as Samskrita Diwas. I have changed my DP to support their efforts to help revive Samskrita. Have you?” can be found to be pouring in everywhere along with hashtags #SamskritDay  Its really a noble effort by Samskrit Bharati and Social media needs to be given credit for putting all its efforts for making it big.

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Samskrit Bharati, Bangalore

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