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  • Data Proves that Dilli is THE Rape Capital of India

    Kiran Kumar S | Monday, Dec 24,2012, 22:38 IST .

    A 23 year old paramedic student from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, who in Dilli (Delhi) for internship is struggling for a week now for her life. This is not just a personal tragedy for her, but a societal tragedy, considering that she wanted to save other lives through the noble medical profession.

    Without getting into the gory details of what happened to her, it is sufficient to sta..

  • Why Delhi Police is so out of logic by it's act from a Common Man Point of View

    Abhinav Shankar | Saturday, Dec 22,2012, 15:23 IST .

    Delhi Police has a long history of exercising it's power on genuines right from Ramlila Maidan to Jantar-Mantar and now at Vijay Chowk.

    Inspite of having an annual budget of above 3767.33 crore as compared to annual budget of 650 crore- Mumbai Police which comes out to be 17.25 % of DP, one really be surprised to see the helpness of DP before such unorganised small-scale un..

  • An Indian prophecy to become true on 20 December 2012

    Hemant Dubey | Wednesday, Dec 19,2012, 23:03 IST .

    Most of people around the world are very curious about what is going to happen on Friday 21 Dec 2012, as Mayan long cycle is coming to an end. Many have said that it would be end of this world as we see it. But looking at all scientific evidence it’s a h..

  • What is Life of Pi all about?

    Art of Living | Sunday, Dec 16,2012, 15:39 IST .

    Art of Living with Life of Pi ...

    What is life of Pi all about? When I watched the movie, I could co-relate my own life with the movie. In fact, it is the story of everybody’s life. We also go through so many storms throughout our life.

    What was it which came as the only knowledge to overcome all the obstacles? The little book in the life boat about the survival in the..

  • Meditate with Sri Sri, A New Beginning : 12-12-12

    Art of Living | Tuesday, Dec 11,2012, 10:27 IST .

    It was a Sunday Afternoon. The sun continued to play hide and seek, yet I could tangible feel the warmth in the air.

    After several years in the world of investments, nirvana to me was uninterrupted dreamless restful sleep and waking up with a smile. The concept of closing my eyes and not sleeping (but still resting?) was alien to me.

    I consciously chose to try an..

  • What should we Indians cry more for Unprincipled Politicians or Ignorant Voters?

    Hemant Dubey | Sunday, Dec 09,2012, 11:41 IST .

    I thought there would be a threshold after which every politician in India will realize that he/she shouldn’t stoop to the level after which it will become too obvious for everyone that he/she has only his/her personal interest in mind and he / she doesn’t give a damn about this country of 1.2 Billion people. After watching the FDI in multi brand retail debate drama and seeing how..

  • Why Should I Volunteer for a Better India?

    Art of Living | Wednesday, Dec 05,2012, 12:23 IST .

    In the beginning God created the Universe… WRONG, LIES !!

    God did not create anything distinct from Himself/Herself. God BECAME the creation. The creator is not separate from the creation. Hence, along with He or Her, God is also addressed as ‘It’, the ‘Brahman’.

    Man is a social animal. The very central letter of the word ‘

  • What is wrong with Bal Thackeray?

    Art of Living | Friday, Nov 23,2012, 19:59 IST .

    Nothing is wrong with Bal Thackeray. He lived a complete life and with all dignity said goodbye at 86. He seems to have been a good family man, a traditional husband and a good father to his children. He respected his wife very much. Unlike most men of his generation he publicly acknowledged that his wife was his main moral strength and that he looked up to her for comfort and support.

  • Know Your Social Media Posting Risks

    Kiran Kumar S | Tuesday, Nov 20,2012, 13:14 IST .

    You are a social media buff. You love to tweet and get lots of responses and retweets. You love to update Facebook often with very interesting items to get lots of likes from friends. You love to blog on some hot topics and get lots of hits and comments.
    But do you know the risks of doing this in India? No we are not trying to scare you. This is not even a a standard lega..

  • Content versus 'Perception'

    S. Sudhir Kumar | Wednesday, Nov 07,2012, 23:31 IST .

    Let's start by taking a look at the snapshot below:
    gujarat poll modi, ibn ftn, sagarika
    There are five governments that have a phenomenal above 70% approval ratings by the time of going to the elections. Here's an open challenge to all the regular CNN-IBN regular..

  • Scientific Spirituality

    Chandan Priyadarshi | Tuesday, Oct 30,2012, 01:27 IST .

    The universe comes out of the union of two fundamental forces: matter (jada, or ’that which gives shape’) and consciousness (chetan). These are also respectively known as prakrati (the manifested form) and purusha (the invisible enlivening spirit). Both have their own merits when considered in isolation; however, it is the union and co-operation of these two entities that works wo..

  • Navratri: The Sri Sri connection

    Art of Living | Friday, Oct 19,2012, 10:22 IST .

    As a kid, Navratri was a welcome relief to the reluctant student in me, it being the only day in the calendar, when even parents encouraged us to not study! Beyond that heavenly relief, I never understood or even cared to figure out, what the celebrations were about! To confess, for a long time, I even believed that people celebrated Navratri  because it was a welcome escape from their r..

  • A Transformative approach to end Ethnic Conflict in Nepal

    Art of Living | Friday, Oct 12,2012, 12:58 IST .

    A Spiritual Intervention!
    Nepal today is passing through an extremely difficult and transitional phase in its history. The thousands of years old monarchy has been eliminated and the country has plunged into the age of republicanism. As a result, many complexities surfaced in society. Disparate groups which were previously united for democracy, or under the banner of the ..

  • Will Sonia Gandhi debate with Narendra Modi on TV?

    Narayanadas Upadhyayula | Monday, Oct 08,2012, 10:22 IST .

    Dilip Padgaonkar holds the televised debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as a lesson worthy of emulation for Indian political leaders. (Such glaring contrasts). Although televised debates between American presidential candidates were ge..

  • An open letter to Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal

    Rahul Gupta | Wednesday, Oct 03,2012, 00:15 IST .

    It is sad to see one of the most promising partnerships Indian public life has witnessed in a long time falling apart. We are at a historical juncture and it is only apt that we take lessons from what happened in history.

    It is a curse for India that great visionaries have often parted ways, either due to personal differences, pressure of aides and what not. Even during the fre..

  • Presidential Reference and Supreme Court Opinion - Trouble For UPA Governement

    Thiagarajan Narayanan | Sunday, Sep 30,2012, 12:17 IST .

    Couple of days back Constitutional Bench of Supreme Court gave its Opinion on Presidential reference on 2G spectrum case. Government and its Slave Media houses went on a over drive and painted the Opinion as as a victory and vindication of  the Government Stand on 2G.

    The Opinion of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court on Presidential reference is around 208 odd pag..

  • Digvijaya Singh, Zakir Naik and Indian Secularism

    Kiran Kumar S | Wednesday, Sep 26,2012, 16:55 IST .

    Recently, Sonia Gandhi's Congress party's General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, was on Peace TV, run by Dr. Zakir Naik. Addressing a large gathering of Muslims, Digvijaya Singh gave us a glimpse of how India's ruling party Congress views Zakir Naik, thanks to their practiced version of “secularism”.
    Some “gems” from Digvijaya Singh during..

  • Prelude to the final exodus and ethnic cleansing in Kashmir

    Arvind Dhar | Tuesday, Sep 25,2012, 19:14 IST .

    Year 1986 will always be remembered as a year in the History of Modern Kashmir when the roots of secularism were not only shaken but also made Secularism a fast dying tree in Kashmir.

    It was the time when the state of Jammu and Kashmir was having a weak government supported by Congress and the CM was GM Shah, the Brother in law of Dr. Farooq Abdullah, his government itself was ..

  • Barfi – Learning From Silence

    Art of Living | Sunday, Sep 23,2012, 17:13 IST .

    By Prakash Athrayil
    Caution: Don’t read this before you watch Barfi… Strictly.
    Prakash Athrayil, art of living, faculty, bangalore, barfi movie, aol blogs
    Barfi came in to me with that brilliantly melodious background music and kept me glued to the screen thr..

  • Islamic Tint in the Secular Lens : Breaking India

    Suryah | Tuesday, Sep 18,2012, 12:31 IST .

    US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) : The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) filters and synthesizes data in India’s internal religious affairs for the purpose of strategic policymaking by the US Government.

    In 2004, a four member delegation of US Congressmen visited India to investigate on behalf of USCIRF. It..

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