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  • Is this the Democracy Which Our Honorable Parliamentarians Want To Protect?

    Hemant Dubey | Friday, Jun 22,2012, 12:06 IST .

    Is this the Democracy Which Our Honorable Parliamentarians Want To Protect From Likes Of Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev?

    The often quoted definition of democracy is “Democracy is the rule of the people, by the people and for the people.” But when I see current situation in India, I feel that Abraham Lincoln should have clearly defined what he meant by “the peop..

  • 10 shades of Indian secularism

    Abhishek Tondon | Wednesday, May 30,2012, 17:25 IST .

    Secularism is what we’re taught to be proud of, even at the cost of our traditional Hindu identity. The choice between cultural nationalism and constitutional secularism confuses a many. Let’s drive through the shades of Indian secularism.

    1. Not to Ram and Krishna, yes to Mohammad and Jesus : In India, with 80% Hindu population, a..

  • The 'Em Tee' Vessel Making The Familiar Meaningless Noise

    Kiran Kumar S | Friday, May 25,2012, 09:48 IST .

    The past two days in India have seen lots of “outrage” on the streets. Petrol prices have gone up by a significant proportion and almost everyone is talking about the same.

    In probably the steepest one time hike ever, petrol price at retail level was up by  Rs. 7.50 per litre on Wednesday. Burning effigy of the Prime Minister, slogan shouting, TV discussions, p..

  • 1983 Saga: A match which broke Mighty King Clive Lloyd's Army and Went off All Records

    Hitesh Rangra | Thursday, May 24,2012, 18:28 IST .

    The 1983 World Cup was full of dramatic Cricket moments right from the start. Teams like India and Zimbabwe, who were not playing well in those times scored victories over the then masters West Indies and Australia respectively. England, Pakistan, India and tournament favorites West Indies qualified for the semifinals.213 proved to be unlucky number for England cricket team when they faced In..

  • A woman and a child killed by occupying forces in Dera Bugti

    Baloch Freedom | Wednesday, May 16,2012, 12:48 IST .

    In a recent statement released via e-mail Waja Sher Mohammad Bugti rubbished the claims of pakistani forces and officials about the recovery of Baloch Missing persons and halt to military operations in Balochistan. Following is the complete statement

    The arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial killings of innocent Baloch people continue unabated in Balochistan and on one hand P..

  • Bounty on Modi's head - how many crores did we spend?

    Abhishek Tondon | Tuesday, May 15,2012, 17:22 IST .

    After grilling the witnesses and churning the facts to extract the truth from them for 3 years, the Supreme Court appointed SIT came up with its closure report that not only exonerates Gujarat's longest serving and inarguably most successful Chief Minister Narendra Modi from any criminal culpability in connection with the riots' cases that it was formed to investigate, but also virtua..

  • What TV Channels Did Not Inform You In 2002 Gujarat Riots Case

    Kiran Kumar S | Thursday, May 10,2012, 09:30 IST .

    The first week of May 2012 was yet another “great” opportunity for some Padma award “winning” media folks and NGO crowd, to “show” their skills yet again. This was yet another episode, like they have been pouncing on selective reporting for a decade. Raju Ramachandran, the Amicus Curiae for 2002 Gujarat riots probe, was reported non-stop. The biggest &ldquo..

  • Why should we prove our secularity?

    Adish Aggarwal | Tuesday, May 08,2012, 23:36 IST .

    "The sacred must plimerate the secular" ― Swami Vivekananda

    Secular according to oxford English dictionary is (1) Not connected with religions (2) Not bound or subject to religious rule and (3) Not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.

    And as our preamble to the constitution guarantees our country to be a secular one, we are of course sec..

  • Be different or be digested; be confident of who you are; be strong not apologetic

    The Chakra | Saturday, May 05,2012, 22:56 IST .

    "Be different or be digested; be confident of who you are; be strong not apologetic. In interfaith dialogue replace the term 'tolerate' with 'mutual respect' for each other."

    These were some of the thoughts expressed by Dr Rajiv Malhotra to a keen audience while promoting his latest book, "Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universali..

  • When Social Media expanded BBC into "Big-time Busted Credibility"

    Kiran Kumar S | Thursday, May 03,2012, 22:54 IST .

    What BBC stands for: Founded in 1927, BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world with over 23,000 staff members across the globe. They thrive on the word "impartial". They are literally an empire, long after the demise of the British empire considering that over 3.5 billion pounds are spent across radio, online and TV outlets. This writeup is focusing on BBC's ..

  • From Kolkata to Bhadrak : ALAKH 2011

    Alakh | Tuesday, May 01,2012, 19:32 IST .

    After bidding Goodbyes I started for Medinipur. Met Jehangir & his brothers to thank them once again for their excellent job on Khanabadosh . Believe me, it was really impressive. And I do think that a little bit of respect & appreciation could do magic on Hardworking and Honest people. They value these more than money.

    Kept going towards Kharagpur following NH5 and was..

  • In Kolkata - The City of Joy (?) but surely city of Survivors! : ALAKH 2011

    Alakh | Thursday, Apr 26,2012, 00:11 IST .

    Saturday, May 7, 2011 | In the city of joy finally, though it took me nearly two hours to figure out how to GET IN ! Woke up after a LONG sleep to get on the job of getting Khanabadosh a well deserved pampering (servicing), he deserves all the credit for not complaining even once and kept going. And I must thank Arya too, so young but he kept his composure and kept pushing me to drive on. He ..

  • Inventing Aryan Race : Max Muller

    Hitesh Rangra | Tuesday, Apr 24,2012, 19:45 IST .

    Friedrich Max Müller known as Max Müller, was a German philologist and Orientalist hired by Britain for creating academic environment so that Aryan race theory planted in Indian minds. He was one of the founders of the western academic field of Indian studies and the discipline of comparative religion.Müller wrote both scholarly and popular works on the subject of Indology, a d..

  • Hindu Nation-our right

    Nationalizer | Thursday, Apr 19,2012, 17:46 IST .

    India is a secular country with about 80 percent of its population calling itself Hindu. Hindu-ism is recognized as the world’s third largest religion, First being christinaity and second being Islam. Although Hindu-ism is looked as upon as a religion, it can only be defined as “A group of faiths rooted in the religious ideas of India.” About 15 percent of the people in the ..

  • Imagining the German Past using Schlegel's romanticism of India

    Hitesh Rangra | Thursday, Apr 19,2012, 01:13 IST .

    German scholar felt kinship towards India like other american scholar. They started pouring idea of Sanskrit with German past and founded German School of romanticism. Schlegel's brother started their literally thought. Duo were architecture of romantic German school.  

    Although the philosophical dimension and profundity of his writings remain underrated,  Friedri..

  • The first leg from Varanasi to Kolkata : ALAKH 2011

    Alakh | Monday, Apr 16,2012, 23:59 IST .

    Monday, May 2, 2011 | After having eagerly waited for this day ,it was a relief when it did come, may be because I am not very good at anticipating!! So here were, all three of us (Me, Arya & Khanabadosh) all just waiting to get going…. It started at 1500 hrs on 29 April and we took NH2 which was really a smooth ride although it did have a few bumps here and there giving me a subtl..

  • Ambedkar: What the Dalit icon wrote of Islam

    Abhishek Tondon | Saturday, Apr 14,2012, 16:16 IST .

    In his book, “Pakistan or the Partition of India”, towards the end of Chapter 4, Ambedkar writes, “The Muslim invaders, no doubt, came to India singing a hymn of hate against the Hindus. … Its (Islam’s) growth is so thick in Northern India that the remnants of Hindu and Buddhist culture are just shrubs. Even the Sikh axe could not fell this oak...

  • Ambedkar: What the Dalit icon wrote of Hinduism

    Abhishek Tondon | Saturday, Apr 14,2012, 13:07 IST .

    Today’s the 121st Birth Anniversary of Dr. B R Ambedkar, known as the father of India’s constitution, and an icon of Dalit politics. B R Ambedkar has been the demigod who every politician striving to project him/herself as the sympathiser of Dalits and a champion of their rights, invokes. With that comes the word, ‘Manuwadi’, a supposedly derogatory term implying those..

  • Reviewing Rajiv Malhotra's Being Different - An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism

    The Chakra | Wednesday, Apr 11,2012, 15:03 IST .

    In the book Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism, Indo-American thinker and philosopher Rajiv Malhotra addresses the challenge of a direct and honest engagement on differences, by reversing the gaze, repositioning India from being the observed to the observer and looking at the West from the dharmic point of view. In doing so, he challenges many hitherto unexamined bel..

  • Discovery of mass graves in Balochistan is a question mark for the civilized world - BRP

    Baloch Freedom | Tuesday, Apr 10,2012, 19:56 IST .

    The Central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti has said the discovery of mass graves in Dera Bugti is a big question mark for the world particularly for the Islamic countries. Occupying forces of pakistan have extended the range of military operations in Balochistan to many areas of Sindh.

    Condolences references and ‘Quran Khuwani’ were org..

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