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  • Unsung Heroes, Lets not forget them - From Gopalpur on sea to Vishakhapatnam & KD Peta village

    Alakh | Wednesday, Apr 04,2012, 01:03 IST .

    Gopalpur was really a calm place and I was refreshed, after having got the rest I needed. I met  Gopal Krishna Behera, this young entrepreneur was refined in his mannerisms. Had a sense of responsibility about him (maybe, he was the bread earner for the family). I was compelled to buy from him as I could not miss that resolve on his face that said “COME WHAT MAY, I WILL SURVIVE!!

  • Independence is the only solution for Balochistan, says BRP leader Nawab Bugti

    Baloch Freedom | Wednesday, Mar 28,2012, 12:01 IST .

    Pro-independence Baloch leader and founder & chief of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in his latest statement published in newspaper has said the only solution of Balochistan problem is complete independence of Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan.

    He said Baloch youth are struggling and sacrificing their lives for freedom of their Motherland not..

  • ALAKH 2011 - Unsung Heroes, Lets not forget them

    Alakh | Friday, Mar 23,2012, 09:46 IST .

    The first and most obvious question would be WHY I AM doing it? And strangely, I have no big words, no inspiring quotes from BIG BRAINS…Nothing! And somehow that makes me comfortable, because had I done what I quoted above, it won’t have been me. So here is a simple and honest write up about this Journey called Alakh 2011 that I am undertaking. I am sure I will be pardoned for th..

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