Bhushan wrong on Kashmir, others too will want to secede, warns Justice Katju

Published: Sunday, Oct 16,2011, 09:43 IST
Bhushan wrong, Kashmir, Justice Katju, tajinder pal singh bagga, anna, kejriwal

Former Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju today has criticised Prashant Bhushan was  for saying that Kashmiris should be allowed to decide whether they want to stay with India. He warned that this would prompt others to call for secession as well, and break the country apart. Justice Katju, however,  did not approve of the attack on Bhushan over his Kashmir remarks.

Justice Katju,  has recently taken over as Chairman of the Press Council of India. He emphasized that we have to remain united and he does not accept what Bhushan said, and that he was ‘wrong’. If you say Kashmir can secede, then tomorrow Nagas will say we can secede, Mizos will say we want to secede, Tamilians will say we want to secede. He cited the example of Abraham Lincoln who didn’t allow Southern states of USA to secede when similar threats were posed to the unity of USA.  Justice Katju said that there should be democratic ways of resolving disputes.

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