Hunger Strike in support of AFSPA

Published: Thursday, Nov 10,2011, 11:21 IST
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Since last few months some anti national organizations run through foreign money and are being governed by some "so called" social activists, are trying very hard to defame our army under influence of their foreign owners. Moreover they are demanding to revoke AFSPA to weaken the army. AFSPA is such a law which strengthens the army and helps them to tackle with and prosecute terrorists and anti-social elements strictly and easily. However since last few days, this has been noticed that even government is indicating either to weaken or to revoke this law.

We hereby think that about AFSPA, no decision should be taken without consulting army officials because they are more familiar than anyone else with the situation out there as they are struggling there since years. We also believe that by these kinds of decisions not only the army will loose morale but, terrorists and all anti-social elements who are waiting for the division of Kashmir from India will gain morale.

Hence we since about a month are running an online campaign Save "Arm Forces Special Power Act"(AFSPA) & Army Rights on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover in support of AFSPA and against removal or weakening of AFSPA we will for 24 hours from 12 November, Saturday 11:00 am till 13 November, Sunday 11 am. In this fast, including many ex-army officers,Panun Kashmir,Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, Indian Army Fans Club, Citizen for forces other organizations will also participate.

Doing this fast we want to convey to government that we oppose weakening or removal of AFSPA however, even after doing this if the govt tries to take steps against army or AFSPA, then we will do Indefinite Hunger Strike and will oppose each and every step taken by govt to weak Armed forces.

a Press Release by :
Tajinder Pal singh Bagga
Program Convener

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