Shariya for India, website calls for Islamic revolution on March 3rd

Published: Sunday, Feb 12,2012, 09:14 IST
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A website with the url has come into existence on Internet. The website aims at establishing Shariyah rule in India. The website is being run from Atlanta, USA and the owners include Sheikh Anjem, Manager of Shariah Courts in Britain. The website proclaims that as per Quran, non-Muslims are not supposed to rule over Muslims and Islam doesn't permit secularism. The site calls for resurrecting the lost glory of Islam in Indian subcontinent and calls for establishing Islamic rule. The website says that Islamic constitution puts Indian constitution to shame. It also calls for boycotting the ongoing Assembly Elections and uniting to impose Shariyah. It issues fatwahs against political parties in India. The site calls for Islamic ummah to gather for the revolution on 3rd March 2012.

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It's noteworthy that in India muslims already enjoy special privileges and a Quran-compliant civil code which allows them to have 4 wives among other idiosyncrasies. Despite that, the site calls for a Shariyah even for non-Muslims. The site takes grave exception to Hindu practices and calls for removal of all statues, of deities and leaders, from public space. The site gives Hindus concession that after Shariyah, they'll still be able to pray to their lords in their houses but not in public places like temples. The site hosts an image of a beheaded Lord Shiva statue, among others, to hint at the movement's intentions.


The press release on the website of Sheikh Anjem lists what Hindus and Sikhs will undergo when India will be sharia ruled. It includes paying Jizya (as compensation to Muslims who will protect them), not building any temples as Islam prohibits 'bad things', ban on celebrating Diwali, Christmas etc., ban on holding public meetings, wearing different clothes, not raising houses above muslim houses etc.


Since the website runs from USA and the owners are based in Britain, it is not clear how much impact the site would have on Indian muslims. However, it's no secret that Muslim scholars like Zakir Naik exist in India who openly indulge in conversions, and openly proclaim Islam as the only true religion while denouncing native Hinduism and putting question marks on Hindu rituals and deities, and has also endorsed Shariyah for India. They also enjoy political patronage from ruling Congress and evident by the participation of a Congress General Secretary in his program. Then comes the huge number of Madarsas and Imams who even have problems with slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai. Thus, any such attempt to impose shariya in India from outside is bound to get support from these sections of Islamic preachers and Imams and Madarsas etc. Muslim appeasement by political parties is nothing new to India and current elections have exposes a new dimensions of theirs.


In the light of all this, native Hindutva forces need to come together and also make active efforts to wake up the Hindus sleeping courtesy the soporifics of pseudo-secularism.

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