Dr Swamy's Press Conference alleged Chidambaram and son's role in 2G

Published: Thursday, Apr 26,2012, 13:31 IST
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Subramanian Swamy begins his Press Conference on his allegation of Chidambaram and son's role in 2G scam.

# This entire thing is about the Aircel-Maxis deal, the head of this company has strong connections to the LTTE.

# Around March of 2006, Karti Chidambaram's company was enabled to buy shares of Aircel Televentures.

# The financial system is so well developed that one company after another is created, this is a problem.

# There is something fishy about these accounts, which I find all the time in Karti Chidambaram's accounts.

# Karti P Chidambaram can be prosecuted for company law violations.

# Karti Chidambaram loaned Aircel Televentures 5% share value, loan was converted into shares. He became a 5% owner.

# Chidambaram cleared the deal for Aircel Televentures, name then changed to Shiva Televentures and got a Rs4,000 crore loan.

# Karti Chidambaram bought 4.62 hectares of land near Mahabalipuram to build a 7 star hotel.

# Advantage Strategic Consulting (Karti's company) got FDI worth $1.8625 Million (Rs 10 Crore) in 1 month.

# Karti punts on Indian stock prices when he sits in Singapore to see accounts of his company.

# Maxis has LTTE connections, no reference was made to IB to see these connections.

# In Tatra, practically wherever there is money, Chidambaram's son is involved. Will give you details soon.

# CBI went slow against Maran because of Chidambaram's pressure on them, it will lead them to him.

# I will go back to trial court against Chidambaram, I will go for Section 13 Prevention of Corruption Act.

# Without Chidambaram stepping down CBI cannot function, they are concerned about their careers. They are competent officers.


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