Why should we not give bails to BJP members, asks Delhi High Court

Published: Tuesday, Nov 01,2011, 12:12 IST
Delhi High Court, members of BJP, MP Faggan Singh Kulaste, IBTL

Delhi High Court has asked the police to why the 4 members of BJP, including former MP Faggan Singh Kulaste should not be given bail? Court has directed the police to submit a status report by November 14th.

The trial court's order not to grant bail to the accused, who have been hailed as whistle blowers by opposition, but booked for taking bribes by the Delhi Police, was challenged in the High Court. Kulkarni claimed in his petition that he had done a commendable job by exposing a conspiracy, something which should have been praised instead.  

Kulkarni along with 3 BJP MPs had exposed the UPA governments' attempts to bribe BJP MPs to save the government which was reduced to a minority after the left parties had withdrawn support from them. The 3 MPs had shown currency notes allegedly given to them at the behest of Congress for cross voting in the Confidence motion on 22 July, 2008.

Meanwhile, another accused in the case BJP MP Ashok Agarwal, has also filed for anticipatory bail.

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