Chidambaram will be in jail soon: Dr. Swamy

Published: Sunday, Nov 13,2011, 10:01 IST
Chidambaram, Dr. Swamy, 2G

Crusader against corruption Dr. Subramanian Swamy has raised his pitch against the corrupt and traitors even higher now. He's now said that Chidambaram will be soon in jail. Dr. Swamy was speaking at a press conference at Ahmedabad. He announced that he's now probing the defence deals and the deals pertaining to Air India, which have been marred by severe corruption. Noteworthy is that IBTL had yesterday published a detailed account of how a UPA minister ensured the destruction of Air India's fortunes. Mallya minister nexus : scams in the sky, misery on india

Dr. Swamy insisted that the Prevention of Corruption act is powerful in itself. He warned against giving excessive powers to Lokpal. Dr. Swamy also raised the issue of Ambani brothers being involved in KG Basin, after exposing their involvement in 2G scam. Dr. Swamy promised that he'll soon be launching an FIR in connection with the black money stashed away in foreign bank accounts. His newly formed Action Committee Against Corruption in India will be meeting CBI officers on 28th November in this regard.

Dr. Swamy reiterated that the nation is becoming weak due to the lack of political will. He opposed the Communal Violence Bill tooth and nail, calling it anti-constitutional and anti-national. Dr. Swamy reminded that the country is secular because 83% Hindus have wanted to keep it secular, and this vote bank politics is only attacking the secular structure. Dr. Swamy expressed satisfaction over the progress in 2G scam probe, although he expressed dissatisfaction over CBI not opposing Kanimozhi's bail plea.


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