Media eager to destroy the Hindu line of thinking ! - Mr. B.R. Haran, Senior Journalist

Published: Friday, Jun 15,2012, 12:51 IST
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Ramnathi, Ponda (Goa) : Hindu unity that is going to result from the All India Hindu Convention is going to be an achievement to be proud of. To be able to do that Hindu organisations should put in spirited efforts. The Indian media, under the pretext of Secularism, repeatedly attacked the religious customs, traditions, Temples etc. which are the conservators of the Indian culture. The media has become eager to destroy the Hindu line of thinking from India. These views were expressed by Mr. B.R. Haran on the last day of the All India Hindu Convention. He was speaking on the topic of ‘Hindus and the Media’ !

During the speech, he gave some examples to prove the point as followed
# Repeatedly defaming Shankaracharya, Dharmacharyas, Chiefs of sects, Saints, Mahants along with Sabarimala, Amarnath Temple, Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth, Jagannath Puri etc.

# Organising debate sessions during festivals-celebrations such as Deepavali, Durgapuja, Janmashtami, Kumbhamela, Ganesh immersion, Ayyappa Makar Jyoti etc.

# Purposefully avoid topics such as ‘Abolishing Article 370 of the Constitution’, ‘Hanging Mahammad Afzal’, ‘Bringing Common Civil Code’, ‘Passing a law to ban religious conversions’ etc.

# Glorifying the western culture

How should the code of conduct for the media be ?
# Do not give entry to Political parties or the Politicians in the media

# Ban reality shows.

# Do not publish the investigative articles without proofs.

#  There should be a selection committee for advertises.

# Those news items that disturb the communal harmony should be banned.

# The educational organisations being run by the Hindu sects should include course in journalism in the curriculum.

Group discussion of Editors of Hindu periodicals decides to enhance communication and coordination!
A group discussion was organised during the last session of the fourth day of the Convention on the topic, “How to keep coordination amongst Hindu periodicals ?” Editors and journalists had participated in the discussion. Decision to increase coordination amongst the Hindu periodicals was taken during the discussion. The summary of this discussion was presented by Mr. P. Deivamuthu, Group Editor of English Monthly ‘Hindu Voice’.

# Create groups of Hindu periodicals on ‘Google’.

# Establish a nationwide communication system of Hindu periodicals.

# Through the medium of this system exchange the news and disseminate throughout the Nation after translating them in local languages.
# Provide full help for those Hindu organisations who wish to start a periodical.

# Exchange the contact numbers of devout Hindu journalists and make the union strong.

Hindu Adhiveshan, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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