BJP will seal borders, if returned to power : Nitin Gadkari

Published: Friday, Oct 19,2012, 14:06 IST
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Guwahati, October 18 : Accusing the Congress of playing "vote bank politics", BJP president Nitin Gadkari today said his party would take steps to seal the country's international borders to prevent illegal immigration, if elected to power.

हिंदी में पढ़ें : सरकार बनते ही घुसपैठ रोकने के लिए, देश की सीमाएं सील करेंगे : गडकरी
"If BJP comes to power, our top priority would be to seal the borders of the country... If Israel, surrounded by hostile countries, can seal its borders, why can't we," Gadkari said.
Flagging off a rally here to mark the 50th anniversary of India-China war this morning, the BJP leader called upon India's leaders to learn from the experience of Israel in keeping hostile elements at bay.

Taking a dig at the Congress, he said, "To visit any country, one needs a visa, one needs to submit a number of documents. But here our country has totally opened up its borders and told (illegal immigrants) 'come and enter our country, buy land, buy property'."

Gadkari said, "Even if you raise slogans against India, you need not worry because everything will be facilitated. Just keep in mind to vote for the Congress."

Accusing the Congress party of being responsible for the current state of affairs, Gadkari said illegal immigration pose a threat to sovereignty.

"Our borders are still insecure. That is why we need to learn from shortcomings of the 1962 war and ensure that such mistakes are not repeated," he said.
He alleged that Congress leaders in Assam, from Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to Tarun Gogoi, have all encouraged illegal immigrants.

Gadkari said that while India and China can work together for peace and prosperity at the global and regional level, the country cannot ignore threats where they are present.

He cited reports of China's involvement in building infrastructure in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

"Yet when we talk of defending our country, we are called communal... Has vote bank politics made us so indulgent that we have even stopped thinking about our country's national security?" Gadkari argued.
The BJP president said that the recent problems in Assam were not the result of any communal discord, but a struggle between Indians and foreigners.

The BJP, he declared, was determined to change the general state of the country in which the economy suffered from problems of unemployment, farmers' suicides and other issues.

He also said that the BJP wants FDI for economic development.


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