The Congress Karma Sutra and The 60 second Smartphone Climax

Published: Wednesday, Feb 08,2012, 22:53 IST
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Two Indian ministers have been caught watching porn on their Smart Phones in Parliament . The Telegraph UK weighed in on the story. Please also read the Times of India sporting porn titles in its adverts on "Porn Controversy" :). Thanks to Times of India everyone can now access free porn.

Kapil Sabal was later upset that he did not have his own Smart Phone to press the repeat button over and over again. Feeling deprived, he whined to the reporters.

"Sibal went a step further saying the BJP should look inwards before preaching morality, as the saffron party sought to take credit for setting an example of high moral standards and probity in public life by asking the three ministers involved in the sleaze in Karnataka to resign.

Nowadays it appears that some of the BJP people are having all kinds of entertainment. Sometimes it is political entertainment. Sometimes it is entertainment of another sort," he told reporters in Delhi evoking peals of laughter"

There is currently no evidence that Sibal has ever been found in bed with any woman. We have not been able to establish whether any women would want to dive into bed with this specific specimen. Even sixty seconds maybe too much.

Parliament is currently attempting to get its contraception into place - MPs are being found with their pants down, others are struggling to find their pants , some just wear no pants at all and others just fumble in and out of bed in 60 seconds. The rest have gone to purchase more Smart Phones and have placed them on vibrate. Porn will only be viewed at home now and not in Parliament.

Congress tells us that they are all virgins lying on a bed of rose petals waiting for their mistress to tell them what to do.

Today, we decided to have a trip down the Congress' Porn Flicks formally known as The Congress Karma Sutra.

The material below was written by the very talented and charming Mr Kiran Kumar. He can be followed on Twitter @KiranKS

I shall end by quoting the eminent journalist with a glass or two in his hand who said "F - Off" :). Everyone may wish to review the link here. With thanks to the journalist who must remember to curb his expletives especially when the word "F" is such a sensitive issue in the Parliamentary bed.

Over to Kiran for his analysis of the years gone past.

Prominent political sex scandals of India over the past 3 decades:

1. ND Tiwari: What happened in Karnataka Assembly is a small joke. What happened in Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan was 1000 times worse. Visit this link.

ND Tiwari got caught with 3 nude girls in Governor's mansion. His "punishment"? Holi with Congress women! In the meantime, this is how angry women in Hyderabad were protesting against 86 yr old CON guy ND Tiwari's #Porngate at Raj Bhavan -

How did BJP treat ND Tiwari after his infamous #Porngate as Andhra Pradesh's first citizen? Uttarakhand CM felicitates!

2yrs after ND Tiwari's #Porngate , how did Gadkari "fume" against the disgraced CON veteran? Invite him to functions!

How did Congress woman leader Margaret Alwa celebrate Christmas? Getting a bouquet from #Porngate star ND Tiwari !

Did you know that 86 year old ND Tiwari had to resign on "health grounds" after #porngate ? He was NOT sacked by Sonia! Read the story here.

Reason 3 young girls who were on #Porngate with ND Tiwari came to ABN Andhra Jyoti was because they were not given promised mine licenses!

2. Suresh Ram: The original #Porngate in India was on Sep 2, 1978. Maneka Gandhi published Jagjivan Ram's son Suresh's porn pictures. Read the story here.

3. Jagannath Mishra's Government: #Porngate : In 1982, Bihar CON ministers under Jagannath Mishra implicated after a secretariat girl Bobby was murdered. Read the story here.

4. HD Kumaraswamy: Radhika openly claims that she has married Kumaraswamy - that too while he was a CM in Karnataka Assembly. Illegal via Indian laws for Hindus. Read the article here.

5. Pandit Sakpale: In 1994 Jalgaon rape & sex-racket case in Maharashtra, Congress guy Pandit Sakpale spent 4 years in jail. Read about that here.

6. Kunhalikutty: #Porngate : In 1997, Muslim League's Minister in Kerala, Kunhalikutty, accused of running a whore house. Read the story here. And Kunhalikutty is STILL a minister in Congress led government as of 2012 in Kerala!

7. JB Patnaik: #Porngate : In 1998, JB Patnaik, Congress CM of Odisha, was accused of being in sex scandals by government affidavits! Read the story here.

8. Harak Singh Rawat: In 2003, Harak Singh Rawat, Congress Revenue minister was accused of sex scandal involving an Asom girl.
Read the story here.

9. 2006 Jammu and Kashmir sex scandal: #Porngate : 2006 Jammu and #Kashmir sex scandal, and no one punished I guess :(. Read the story here.

10. Azam Khan: #Porngate : In 2009 elections, Samajwadi party's Azam Khan was accused of distributing Jayaprada's nude pics. See the article on the pictures here.

11. Rajmohan Unnithan: #Porngate : In 2009, Kerala Congress president Rajmohan Unnithan booked for immoral sex trafficking. Read the article here.

12. J Kurien: Congress chief whip in the dissolved Lok Sabha and former Union minister Prof P J Kurien prima facie guilty in the 1996 Suryanelli sex scandal. Read the article here.

13. Amar Mani Tripathi: #Porngate : In 2005 cases were filed against UP's minister Amar Mani Tripathi after a pregnant poetess was killed. Read the story here.

14. Narinder Kohli: Miss Jammu, Anara Gupta's porn scandal involving Narinder Kohli. Read the story here.

15. Manmohan Samal: #Porngate : In 2008, Manmohan Samal of BJD resigned as minister in Odisha, after a sex scandal. Read the story here.

16. Farooq Chishty: A former Indian Youth Congress leader and 7 others accused in the Ajmer sex scandal. The biggest as of 1992 in India. Read the article here.

17. Mahipal Maderna: Congress Ministers Mahipal Maderna and Malkhan Singh accused in Bhanwari Devi's rape and murder case.
Read the story here.

18. Hartal Halappa: Karnataka BJP minister accused of raping friend's wife. Read the story here.

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Co-author : Kiran Kumar S |
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