Narendra Modi's TV channel 'Namo Gujarat' Ready to Go Live

Published: Tuesday, Oct 02,2012, 19:51 IST
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Test signals of Narendra Modi’s election-time TV channel are now available on the TV set through the Gujarat Telelink Private Limited (GTPL) cable network.

GTPL cable TV network is spread across the state, and it has powerful reach in most of the parts of Gujarat. GTPL has started showing the test signals of Narendra Modi’s TV channel ‘NaMo Gujarat’ in current affairs slot.

Modi’s team is taking the help of one private non-Hindi TV channel for smooth run of ‘Namo Gujarat.’ Many politicians in various states of India own their own TV channels. Some political parties too have their own channels.

Modi’s channel is different however, because it is not a satellite channel and doesn’t fall under the license norms therefore. Modi’s channel runs exclusively on cable network. Eventually this channel of course can be enhanced to satellite channel status to explore the option of reaching out to DTH viewers (but who would give license to Modi’s channel, till the time UPA is in power?)

namo tv gujarat live

The test signals at present contain repeat run of Modi’s Surendranagar speech. During the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, Modi had started ‘Vande Gujarat’ IPTV channel which also was functioning through the cable network. The quality of ‘Vande Gujarat’ was not upto the mark however.

This time the team Narendra Modi is trying its best to run the channel as per the highest standards in TV industry.

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