UK govt seeks active engagement with Narendra Modi's Gujarat

Published: Thursday, Oct 11,2012, 19:20 IST
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Minister in the British Foreign Office calls for exploring opportunities for closer cooperation between Gujarat and UK

British Foreign Minister asks UK High Commissioner to India to visit Gujarat and meet Modi, senior functionaries

The Government of the United Kingdom has made a major announcement regarding their active engagement and strengthening ties with Gujarat.

In a press release, Mr. Hugo Swire, Minister of State in the Foreign Office has asked the British High Commissioner to India to visit Gujarat and meet the Chief Minister and other senior functionaries to discuss a wide range of issues of mutual interest and explore opportunities for closer cooperation.

This is a significant announcement from the UK. It recognizes the progress Gujarat has made in the past 11 years under the leadership of Modi. The Chief Minister is already extremely popular among the British-Gujarati diaspora.

The announcement will help both UK and Gujarat in various areas.

# Text of Press Release by Mr. Hugo Swire

India: British High Commissioner in Delhi meeting the CM of Gujarat

I have asked the British High Commissioner in New Delhi to visit Gujarat and to meet the Chief Minister and other senior figures in the state. This will allow us to discuss a wide range of issues of mutual interest and to explore opportunities for closer cooperation, in line with the British Government’s stated objective of improving bilateral relations with India.

The UK has a broad range of interests in Gujarat. We want to secure justice for the families of the British nationals who were killed in 2002. We want to support human rights and good governance in the state. We also want to provide the best possible support for British nationals who live in, work in or visit Gujarat; and to the many Gujaratis who now make up one of the most successful and dynamic communities in the UK. As part of this government’s commitment to strengthen relations with India, we have an interest in ensuring that we provide a full and consistent range of services across the whole country.

I feel that active engagement will help further these interests.  We will consider in the light of the High Commissioner’s visit how best to take forward our relationship with Gujarat.

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