Goodbye to the Qwerty key pad, Introducing Gmail Tap

Published: Sunday, Apr 01,2012, 18:13 IST
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As some of us make the painful switch from dumb phones, phones with a full Qwerty pad to a smartphone such an Android, we’ve been forced to adjust to typing on touchscreens. Now Google has decide to solve this problem once and for all by introducing Gmail Tap.

The Big Question, what can you do with Gmail Tap? Well,  It’s all Morse Code now. Just a dot and a dash and you type out whatever you want to from asap to flibbertigibbet. Features are ...

# Two keys: dot and dash
# Space bar: added to increase typing speeds
# Multi-email mode: dual threaded keyboard (Warning: power users only)
# Predictive text mode: autocomplete re-imagined
# Optional audio feedback: engage all your senses

Coming Soon ...

# Ship to shore mode: activates your phone's flash to communicate with other power users across an ocean (of people)

# Table tap: microphone enabled off screen tapping

# Double-black diamond mode: adds a third, fourth and more keyboards for writing up to 8 messages at once

PS Please don’t believe us.

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