Yog In Synergy With Medical Science

Published: Thursday, Feb 16,2012, 17:16 IST
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This book explores and demonstrates the medical benefits of Yoga (Yog) Pranayam (breathing exercises) by use of "scientific medical data" gathered Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)- Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar initiated scientific research on Yoga with a special emphasis on Pranayam as taught by H.H. Swami Ramdev.
"Body is merely physical, it has non-physical aspects like consciousness and mind that all depend on the vital force Prana; life cannot exist without it. Each and every cell of our body is our prototype and is capable of producing our own clone. Prana is synonymous with breathing which requires oxygen and in that sense oxygen and Prana can be considered equivalent. Oxygen is a physical quantity and the dimensions of its molecule are in the range covered by nanotechnology. It plays an essential role in all chemical and metabolic processes in the body right down to the level of DNA. 
This is exactly what Swami Ramdev has done and actively used Prana at nano level through exercises like Pranayam. Through different pranayams oxygen intake into the body is manipulated, serious diseases such as heart ailments, angina, rheumatism, and many others can be successfully treated. This process also helps in maintaining excellent overall health. Pranayam provides optimum oxygen to the blood cells and is a scientific way of giving mobility and energy flow to the internal parts of the body. Pranayam helps having a healthy and worry free life by awakening feelings of faith, surrender, trust, and positive thinking." - Excerpt from the book
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