How do the colour and design of the clothes affect the person

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Every object has its good or distressing vibrations based on its characteristics just like human beings. The vibrations of many objects of regular use around us constantly affect us. So it is necessary that the objects of our daily use be sattvik. The clothes are also not an exception to this rule. The vibrations and bhav-emotions are created in a person according to the gunas of the clothes he wears. The clothes worn by a person divulges his true nature. They also affect his temperament and social behaviour.

Selection of colours by a person according to the temperament

The likes-dislikes of a person are according to the three gunas.

# A sattvik person likes to wear clothes of sattvik colours like yellow, blue, pink etc.

# A rajasik person likes clothes of gaudy colours, like red, orange etc., with colourful designs

# A tamasik person likes to wear black clothes or clothes of dark tamasik colours with weird designs.

# A sattvik person likes to wear simple clothes with minimum stitching. Other sattvik persons, who like such clothes, experience closeness with such a person.


Process in the context of selection of clothes by a person : When looking at the clothes of various colours and designs, their vibrations are attracted towards the vibrations of the subconscious mind of the person. When both the vibrations match each other, favourable sensations are created in the subconscious mind of the person. and those clothes are appealing.

But when the vibrations of the clothes and the person’s subconscious mind do not match, unfavourable or distressing vibrations are created in his subconscious mind. The person does not like such clothes and he does not wish to purchase them.

A process takes place at a subtle level in the person’s subconscious mind through the vibrations, because of which he likes clothes of some specific colours or specific design according to his temperament.

Why does a person like tamasik clothes? : There are some reasons for the tamasik attitude and likes of a person. One of the reasons is the distress of harmful energies. In today’s Kaliyug, the process of selection of clothes of the person suffering from harmful energies varies according to the level of his distress.

• If the harmful energies control the mind and intellect of the person or if the harmful energy is fully manifest through the person at a sagun level or if the person is puzzled, then the clothes are selected by the person according to the appeal of the harmful energy.

• A rajasik person selects tamasik clothes because he is under the control of a harmful energy.

• If the existence of the negative energy is in low proportion in a person, then the selection of clothes is done according to the  person’s choice. .

Basic components of sattvikta of clothes and their importance

• By wearing sattvik clothes, the person experiences stability and Shanti.

• By wearing rajasik clothes, fickleness is generated in the person.

• By wearing tamasik clothes, extroversion is generated in the person and he becomes self-willed in behaviour.

So the selection of clothes should be done from the viewpoint of sattvikta. As per one of the  rules of the science of Spirituality, word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and its associated energy, co-exist. Hence the vibrations of the clothes depend on their type, colour, form, the design on them and the stitching. When these ingredients are sattviksattvik vibrations are attracted in the clothes and the person wearing them gets the benefit of sattvikta and Divine chaitanya.

Results of the subtle-analysis made after a subtle experiment:

# If the vibrations of the temperament of a person and the clothes worn by him are matching, the person is not distressed.

# When a sattvik person wears raja-tama-predominant clothes, distressing vibrations are created.

# The sattva and raja-tama frequencies in the environment affect every object and person. The objects are also charged with the black energy emitted by the distressing and harmful energies. Any object gets charged with good or harmful energies, due to the energy influencing the object. Sattvikta and chaitanya cannot be absorbed by the objects charged with harmful energies.

The clothes kept for a long period in a premise affected by harmful energy or used by a person affected by harmful energy are charged with distressing vibrations. The clothes  kept in a sattvik premise like a temple or used by Saints are charged with sattvik frequencies.

The proportion of getting charged by harmful energies of the appropriate attire as per Hindu culture like a dhoti-uparana, a dhoti-kurta and a kurta-pyjama is similar to that of other attires. However because inherent sattvikta in these attires being more, their ability to repel the energy and attacks of the negative energies is also more as compared to other attires. For this reason many experience spiritual healing taking place from these clothes.

Protection from raja-tama frequencies due to sattvikta of the clothing : Through the medium of attires used by men, they get the benefit of good energy, i.e. sattvikta because of which a person is protected from the raja-tama frequencies.

Thus 1.8% good energy is available from a pyjama and 2% from a dhoti. From all these statements, one aspect that stands out is that wearing a dress is also an achar or righteous conduct. By wearing clothes, a person gets sattvikta and Divine energy. Similarly he is also protected from the negative energies. In spite of this some people are interested in wearing scanty clothes. Some people consider wearing old clothes as ‘simple living’ and wearing new clothes as a sign of an ‘egotistic’ person. Some persons wear clothes for many days without washing. Because the harmful energies are raja-tama predominant, they like to wear old clothes.

Importance of wearing clothing appropriate from a spiritual viewpoint : Wearing clothes as per Hindu religious scriptures is also an achar. Observing achars regularly amounts to abiding by Dharma. Wearing dresses of sattvik colours and sattvik designs helps in obtaining Divine frequencies. One is also protected from the negative energies. Also due to abiding by Dharma, God bestows grace on the person. Hence it is necessary to wear clothes as prescribed by the Scriptures. By regular abiding by Dharma, the person starts becoming sattvik. There is a change in his likes and with regard to the selection of his clothes also.

Due to sadhana, the achars are observed by a person and it helps enhance his faith in Dharma. This further results in his receiving  benefits like:

• Reduction in obesity

• Experiencing ease while walking

• Increasing of pride in the Dharma

• Experiencing anger about heretic events

• Increase in the yearning that ‘I should strive for the spread of Dharma in a better way’.

• Increase in chanting and sattvik thoughts

• Sustaining of communion with God

• Experiencing extraordinary Shanti and Anand


In the raja-tama filled environment in Kaliyug, generally 100% people are affected by the harmful energies in more or less proportion. The average people have no knowledge whether they have distress of harmful energies.. For this reason it is helpful to wear sattvik or single-coloured clothes only. If this is not possible, the clothes of light colour and with small designs should be worn; but the black, deep brown or other dark and tama-dominant coloured clothes and clothes with weird designs should not be worn. By wearing sattvik clothes one will certainly get such spiritual experiences.

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