Bhai Rajiv Dixit's antim padaav

The Ominous evening of 29th Nov 2010 around 7:30 I got a call from someone saying Rajiv Bhai is unwell, and he has been admitted in the hospital. Those were the days when he was residing in Chattisgarh, and that evening he was to address a meeting of Bharat Swabhiman at Bhilai. As soon as I got the news I tried calling both his numbers and they were switched off. When I contacted all his friends I came to know that he had been admitted in the hospital. I immediately asked them that have they informed Swamiji about it and they replied that Swamiji has been informed about Rajiv bhai’s\ situation. He is the one who is discussing with the doctors. If the situation worsens then the arrangements to take him to Delhi are on the way. I made ample of unsuccessful attempts to have a word with my brother. I didn’t give a second thought and started from Raipur thinking that if possible we can get him treated at Sevagram.

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