Nagma - Sonia Gandhi's Star Soldier

Published: Thursday, Mar 20,2014, 15:28 IST
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Nagma, a film star whose stardom is waning, is searching for new avenues to keep her business going.

She has hitched her band wagon to politics and religion, very old money spinning businesses. She has joined the Congress Party and become a Right Wing Christian convert, both multi-billion dollar corporates in India.

Nagma has successfully bagged the Congress Party nomination for the Lok Sabha constituency of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

As a famous film star that can draw the masses and a Christian convert Nagma found the Congress party loving her and showering upon her tons of attention she thinks she deserves. The Congress, under the stewardship of a right wing fanatic Sonia Gandhi, has welcomed such candidates with open arms.

Sonia Gandhi has done everything possible to undermine and destroy the Hindu people, shamelessly using the unaccountable power she wields. For example under Congress rule of Andhra Pradesh Hindu shrines found the government nominating Christians to manage those trusts.

Nagma, with her star status has also done a lot of damage to the Hindu and Muslim cultures and religion, both of which she has inherited from her Hindu and Muslim parentage. Her father was a Hindu and her mother a Muslim. Her foolish stand is destroying both religions’ standing in India.

Instead of studying Hinduism and Islam seriously and coming up with solutions to bring the two communities together Nagma has chosen the illegal path of conversion and evangelizing. She propagates Christianity as the true religion, openly implying that other religions are false.

Nagma’s spiritual immaturity, lack of study and depth as a person has made her the quintessential spiritual shopper. Of course we should not forget her ambitiousness.

Nevertheless, her intellectual strength, rather the lack of it, shows in her one hour speech made before a crowd of very poor villagers, which can put her strongest admirer to sleep! (You can hear it on YouTube if you have the courage!)

However, Nagma chooses to ignore this profound wisdom of India in an increasingly connected yet dangerous world and chooses to propagate a narrow bigoted dark ages type point of view of God. Right-wing christians are trying to strangle the world with this narrow point of view since the beginning of the era after Christ.

Nagma does not seem to be aware of her own personality or is she? Doesn’t this kind of spiritual shopping show moral and mental weakness in her? She needs more of psychiatric help rather than a need for religion. People like her give religion a bad name; become and create fanatics.

It is well accepted among intellectuals that religion is a blend of cultural practices on one hand while it deals with answers to esoteric questions of existence.

Most intellectual also agree that almost all religions in one way or another come to similar answers to these esoteric questions. They also agree that many cultural practice and beliefs also share commonality in rituals like those of Vaishnava Hindus and Christians. Many point out to the commonality between the stories of birth and even the names of Krishna and Christ!

Christian right-wing preaching’s, conversions and cultural war upon India has done huge damage to our culture.

Educated, Indians specially urban, shun even the good practices of Hinduism and Islam in favour of western culture and false propaganda so much so that they are not even aware of their own cultural practices and reject them without even making appropriate comparative studies or enquiries.

It is an accepted fact that religious conversion does more harm than good to any people – rich, poor or tribal. The Indian Constitution makes conversion illegal yet the same continues rampantly and unhindered under the patronage of Sonia Gandhi and her stooges.

Nagma is one such misguided missile. Her past from a broken family accentuates her problem even as she unforgivingly and ambitiously tears away the fabric of the very nation that gave her so much love and fame.

— Anand Mathur (Views are personal) Follow the writer on

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