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  • Time to rethink : Saffron surge and the secular debacle - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Art of Living | Monday, Jun 02,2014, 18:50 IST .

    “What appears is not and what does not, is” This ancient saying aptly describes the Indian political scenario. The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) claims to be secular but just peel a few layers and you will find that it is steeped deep in communalism. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), on the other hand, which is accused of communalism, does all that i..

  • India's Wishlist for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Tuesday, May 27,2014, 23:59 IST .

    16th May 2014 and 26th May 2014 would be to our generation, what 15th August 1947 and 26th January 1950 has been to our freedom fighters of yore, many of who made extraordinary sacrifices to ensure that our country was free from the clutches of British. It would not be unfair to term 16th May as ‘Liberation Day’ and 26th May as ‘Belief Day’, for these are the dates whe..

  • My first meeting with Narendra Modi - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Art of Living | Wednesday, May 14,2014, 00:03 IST .
    As the new millennium approached, the buzz about the end of the world and impending catastrophe raised great panic in the West. People had gone paranoid selling their homes and hoarding groceries and I was travelling from coast to coast assuring them that no such thing would happen. Thankfully the World did not disappear and it was business as usual!
    In Augu..
  • Telangana - Divide and Rule?

    Art of Living | Monday, Feb 24,2014, 02:39 IST .

    India is a phenomenon – the largest democracy on Earth, with a plethora of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. It is simply a miracle that It still exists united, unlike the former Yugoslavian and Soviet countries. Though our forefathers had wisely divided the nation on linguistic basis for ease of administration and communication, the huge population and distances have forced..

  • Myths vs Facts about RSS

    Kiran Kumar S | Saturday, Feb 08,2014, 18:09 IST .

    Social media has been a powerful medium in exposing the sinister campaign against RSS.

    While reviewing some of the tweets by anti RSS propagandists, I felt it is necessary to expose some of the popular myths about RSS. A lot of people are blindly ranting against Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, without getting proper information. You can't change everyone, but at least you can put som..

  • The Two States: Telangana and Seemandhra

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Thursday, Feb 06,2014, 14:39 IST .

    Over the last 7 or 8 months, I have been continuously reading reports on the state of Andhra Pradesh. There is a section of people who support bifurcation of the Telgue state; there is a section of people who oppose it. I belong to none of these categories but I can relate well to the people of these regions because I belong to, what can be called as the youngest state of the India, Jharkhand..

  • Answering Media on Questions to Narendra Modi, but will they venture into responding these queries?

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Monday, Jan 13,2014, 18:33 IST .

    I do not represent Mr. Narendra Modi’s point of views officially or unofficially but I decided to write this to Sagarika Ghose, Deputy Editor at CNN-IBN English Channel. Sagarika has been asking some questions most of them relevant to Mr. Modi. As a journalist, she is entitled to this and as a POR holder, Mr. Modi is entitled to choose not answering them. (POR = Position of Responsibili..

  • #AAPCon : Dilli ke log ban gaye Mamu

    Kiran Kumar S | Saturday, Jan 11,2014, 06:01 IST .

    You see what's really happening?

    • Most of those who were bullish on AAP before government formation have gone mellow. Even inside their heart they know that AAPCON govt was not what they truly wanted, no matter how much defend the "referendum".|
    • Most of those who were with CON camp have started defending AAP in some way of the other. &..
  • Secularism is just synonymous with Sanatan Dharm

    Abhishek Tondon | Wednesday, Jan 08,2014, 16:20 IST .

    So often have I stumbled upon Facebook profiles or living creatures that proudly proclaim their being ‘secular’, in the ‘Religion’ section/in a context of that, and I have always wondered, “Isn’t ‘secularism’ an attribute that characterizes states in their approach of treating their citizens equally irrespective of their religion?” In the ..

  • Beware of the Hoax called Aam Aadmi Party

    Kiran Kumar S | Monday, Nov 11,2013, 22:14 IST .

    I think many youngsters are getting carried away with a "clean" and "fresh" option in politics. They are not realizing the risks and mistakes. I will make one attempt to drive some key points for them to ponder. This is not about BJP or Congress. This is about whether the "fresh" option is even worth considering.

    I am one of those who attended Anna Hazar..

  • Why they dream 2002, sleep Narendra Modi and eat Gujarat

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Friday, Nov 08,2013, 18:27 IST .

    This article is written with the purpose of rebutting The Hindu’s piece “Narendra Modi and why 2002 cannot go away” by N. Ram, which was published on November 6, 2013.

    This is a free country where an individual is allowed to ..

  • Modi's Hunkaar on Nitish's Lalkaar in Loknayak JP's Durbar

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Saturday, Oct 26,2013, 15:20 IST .

    An unusual calm and still can be felt in the air of Patna. Probably this is the calm before a storm, the storm which would come on 27th October 2013. Narendra Modi is visitng Patna after a gap of 3 years, this time to flirt with the voters of politically most aware state to vote his party in the next Lok Sabha elections. The rally is significant in many ways. For starters, it would..

  • Behind the Scene - Fodder Scam

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Monday, Sep 30,2013, 23:08 IST .

    Laloo Yadav's conviction by the CBI court today surprised many since he was considered close to Sonia Gandhi. How the next door boy of Congress became unwanted in the UPA fold all of a sudden. Why did he not get the same fate as Mullayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati, who got clean chit from CBI. How did it all transpire behind the scenes.

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  • Food Security Bill is a Poison Pill

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Wednesday, Aug 28,2013, 17:49 IST .

    “ Teach a Poor Man How to catch fish
    Don’t GIVE him the fish instead ”

    Yesterday Food Security Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, ‘unanimously’. Quite likely it would be passed in the Rajya Sabha too and it is possible that while you start reading this, it may have got the President’s legal consent and would be conv..

  • Twitter Celebrate Samskrit Diwas today

    Mihir Jha | Sunday, Aug 18,2013, 09:01 IST .

    Samskrita Bharati is a non-profit NGO which was founded with the sole purpose of reviving the ancient language, Sanskrit. A group of volunteers began a movement to teach laymen to converse in Samskrit through a simple, fun filled part time camp which would last for 10 days for two hours every day. The participants would gain an elementary knowledge ..

  • The Nationalist who turned Spiritualist: Rishi Sri Aurobindo

    Mihir Jha | Thursday, Aug 15,2013, 12:06 IST .

    A Prophecy : Sitting in a small village of Nagai near temple town of Mannargudi of the then Thanjavur district of Tamil  Nadu, Sri Vasudev Iyengar, head of a congregation that used to chant a special mantra which was a combination of Gayatri Mantra and Ashtakshara mantra, before attaining his Maha-Samadhi, informed to his disciples in 1870 that there would com..

  • Defenders of The Terrorist

    Nationalizer | Thursday, Aug 01,2013, 16:01 IST .

    Calicut University syllabus for B.A-B.Sc degree courses contained a poem “ode to sea” written by an ex Guantanamo prisoner and a present Al Qaeda Terrorist. After protest by some students

  • Letter to PM of Italy - A Chimeric Piece

    Dr. Shweta Puri | Saturday, Jul 27,2013, 10:03 IST .

    Well, we are not as foolish as those 65 apostates who gambled the prestige of our Nation for their personal political benefits. So, nobody will write any letter to Italians to take back Sonia Gandhi. But a dream letter to Italy by a common Indian man would have content similar to this piece.

    India as a “free nation” was the dream seen by our martyrs who fought for its Ind..

  • Kerala Girl ends her life, unable to pay college fees

    Nationalizer | Saturday, Jul 27,2013, 01:09 IST .

    Kerala Girl suicide

    National media simply do not care about Kerala, due to many obvious reasons. They had OB vans at place in Karnataka, which is a neighbouring state. But for some obvious reasons, events happening in Kerala do not reach the national audience; it does not reach media courts. Media whic..

  • Why Indians, not just Hindus must be ashamed of 'HIS'torian Ramachandra Guha

    Suyash Bharadwaj | Thursday, Jul 25,2013, 23:31 IST .

    “A man is known by the Company he keeps.” In his latest article, yet again ridiculing Hinduism and its followers, Ramachandra Guha talks of a friend of his, who considers India’s victory over Eastern Pakistan (Modern Da..

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