JanSatyagraha 2012

Published: Friday, Oct 05,2012, 11:48 IST
  • Jan Satyagraha First 22 kilometers
  • One of the barefoot marchers passing
  • The girls from Assam marching and dancing local folk dances
  • The Satyagrahis on the Highway Gwalior to Delhi
  • Old villager engrossed in thoughts
  • Marchers dancing an old folk dance from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, called Kolkali
  • Women carrying a small mug on her head, 296 km to Delhi
  • Marchers dancing on the highway
  • 10 kilometers long queue of people on the highway Gwalior to Delhi
  • Kitchen aiders prepare food for the arriving marchers on the street
  • Kitchen aiders prepare food (dahl, potatoes and rice)
  • Women carrying a small mug full of flowers on her head
  • Kitchen aiders welcoming their groups at the end of the day
  • No violence, never and no where...
  • Leader of Ekta Parishad, Rajagopal-ji...

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