Cow slaughtered in temple premises by Muslim miscreants at Kerala

Published: Sunday, Jan 22,2012, 12:48 IST
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In Kerala, Kunnathunadu, Kothamangalam and Muvattupuzha, three taluks of Ernakulam district experienced a shutdown this wednesday, as a result of the inhumane slaughtering of an innocent and pregnant cow. Three individuals belonging to the local Muslim community slit the cow’s throat inside the compound of the Sree Dharma Sastha. The shutdown began after local Hindu organizations protested against the merciless act of the cow slaughtering.

After the incident, police managed to get hold of the three culprits, Muhammad 49, his son Anas 23 and another male by the name of Razid 18. Of the three one person managed to escape from police custody. A member of the Sree Dharma Sastha Temple believes that the slaughter was performed to create tension and trouble amongst the nearby residing community rather than for meat. According to him, had the culprits wanted meat they would have simply stolen the cow rather than slaughter it in such a painful manner right in the temple premise. Based on this information, the individual believes that it was a hate crime against Hindus to stir up chaos. As per previous police reports, the surrounding area has been subject to a rise in Islamist activity lately. Just 25 km away from the area, on July 4, 2010, activists of an extremist Muslim organization had cut off the arm of a Christian university professor alleging that he had blasphemed Prophet Muhammad in a test paper question.

The three men had approached the Hindu temple in disguise of men who had medication for the cow. Once getting into the temple where the cow was, the men barricaded the area with plastic wrap before slitting the cow’s throat and finding a Moulvi from a nearby village to chant prayers that were mandatory after the slitting of throat according to common Islamic practices. As news spread of the atrocious act, members from nearby Hindu activist groups as well as from the Sangh Pariwar were outraged and rushed to the temple. At the same time, Muslim supporters of the killing of the cow also gathered near the Hindu temple creating a scene of tension, which could escalate to greater trouble.

Protesters gathered and the tension lasted for several hours because protestors were not allowing police to take the culprits and cow carcass away. Once the police, carcass and three individuals were out of the scene, several demonstrations were held thereafter with clashes between Hindu supporters disapproval of the slaughter and Muslim supporters justification for killing the cow in the Hindu temple premise.

Kerala is currently ruled by a coalition government of Congress and Muslim league which came into power defeating narrowly the Communists. The state has barely 50% Hindu population, the others being Muslims and Christians.


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