Arvind Kejriwal The AAP Drama Queen 2014

Published: Sunday, Feb 02,2014, 22:14 IST
AAP Drama Queen 2014, kejriwal cold & cough, dancing muffler

I felt compelled to write about the antics of Mr Kejriwal. Since his acrimonious divorce from Team Anna ended, he has paraded himself in the public eye like a typical cheap glitzy hip shaking, toe tapping Bollywood show dancer. Sadly, Team Anna’s fame has been stolen by the Aam Aadmi Party [AAP]. Like all divorce settlements in India, there is always some stealing going on somewhere.  Essentially, Arvind and his party of rabble rousers have bagged all the houses of fame created by Team Anna and manipulated it to suit their own nefarious motives.

This package deal has been re-presented to the public through the various “paid media” channels.  There is no doubt; Arvind is a masterful publicity king and arch manipulator. It is clear that Arvind will go to any lengths to get what he wants – and that is power. His alleged wheeling and dealing with the used car salesmen in the Congress Party is legendary. Of course, the Congress’ clapped out bandwagon is being driven by Rahul Gandhi, a man with no political driving license. Like Rahul, Arvind still has his “Learner” plate stuck on his political forehead. His secondary role of “useful political Congress toy” may be on remote control these days.

Having smoozed his way into the slimy world of his esteemed Congress bedfellows, Arvind danced his way to star status. Since his debut with Team Anna, Arvind has been giving his best Bollywood performance to the public. Overnight, he became the darling of the dastardly news reader and plush Bungalow King – Rajdeep Sardesai. Pictures of Arvind and Congress MP Naveen “Mr CoalGate” Jindal were splashed all over the social networking site, Twitter. Jindal even tweeted about Arvind not so long ago.  Isn’t it good to have friends in low places Arvind? Perhaps in his next photo opportunity with the Tiranga Magical Bangle King, Arvind could ask him a minor question about the missing coal gate files?

In the meantime, Sagarika Ghose positively gushed about Arvind on her Twitter account. The Twitter interview with Arvind Kejriwal of the AAP became the first instance of an Indian politician giving a social media interview to a mainstream journalist in the run-up to polls. Ironically on the 29th of January 2011, she wrote “Indian males as a species must be the ugliest in the world! The ones on Twitter sound ugly too!”  We are yet to decipher whether the Muffler King matches this yardstick.

Even with all these dubious associations, members of the public have followed AAP much as they do a dumb third rate Bollywood movie with no storyline, half naked women and shaking silicone busts. With his stolen fame from Team Anna, his Yash Chopra plotlines, his smoochy relationship with “Paid Media”, Arvind has catapulted himself to grubby muffler wearing head poncho of New Delhi.

We noticed that he played the sick role magnificently. On this occasion, accessorizing with his “worsening untreated cough”. Nevertheless, the royal cough and cold belonging to the head poncho of New Delhi was “special”. Caused by a new mutant virus/bacterial combo only affecting muffler wearing chief ministers, it is genetically engineered to last for the next 100 years. Arvind’s super cold will last until every newspaper in the world has cried over his untold suffering. Only after the last drop of gold left in the world has dripped into AAP headquarters will the “cold” end.

He has coughed and spluttered through every media feature. If we go by Zee TV’s diagnostic criteria, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next diagnosis obtained by “feeling the Royal Arvind Pulse” will be the pregnancy of yet another foreign donation. Golly, there could be illegitimate donations all over the world fathered by one man. The financial fertility of this man is never ending. No doubt, dim-witted short signed foreign donors and NRIs spoon fed by NDTV’s Global trashy news are throwing golden roses at the delicate feet of the heavily pregnant CM of New Delhi. My question is, when is AAP giving birth to these foreign donations? Like the longest cold known to modern science, this may well be the longest pregnancy too. At an exchange rate of nearly Rs 100 to £1, all we have to do is find the location of the secret AAP Golden Egg.  Perhaps these new ancient foreign treasures will be located by the legitimate dream predictions of the next AAP Holy Man.

AAP has danced its way into the public’s affection by playing an underhanded game. Having successfully pulled every emotional string in the Bollywood book of tear jerking movies, the party now boasts of its victory in New Delhi. The tragedy of the current situation in India and abroad is that people actually believe the package deal designed by the AAP-Congress Coalition. The motive of vote division has been obvious to anyone who cares take off their rose-tinted spectacles.  AAP promises us all a Yash Chopra romantic political heaven.

The reality is rather more different. AAP is no virgin to the political forum. It is no gajra wearing, anklet shaking, midriff sari wearing innocent heroine. They are nothing but a façade, a false instrument, a Trojan horse designed to damage those who can really make a difference to the governance of India. They are a distraction from the real issues of importance. Much like Bollywood takes the individual away from facing reality, AAP does the same. Their antics are obvious. As resident trouble-makers, they have courted the media on each and every occasion with their swinging hips and false innocence. Now they gleefully congratulate themselves after fooling the public. The crooked road they have taken to the top is something no one will forget. The public does not like to be fooled. The tide will soon turn on AAP as their Trojan Horse is discovered.

At no time have AAP demonstrated that they are capable of good governance. They have no track record of achievement. They have only repeatedly demonstrated their ability to behave like poorly disciplined teenagers with no aim in life. India requires an individual with strength of mind, one that will govern India in stable manner not someone who belongs to a playground rabble. The AAP playschool may have seduced many foreign supporters, but they have not seduced those of us who know the antics of the party well. Only a fool would support the AAP.

India has a choice – to switch on to the next AAP Drama Queen 2014, all singing, all dancing show stopping number or to switch them off for good and get some real work done. The real work is building India, not supporting a third rate Bollywood B movie with the dancing muffler sashaying Bollywood Dancing Queen.

With thanks to Mr Jayant Sharma and Mr Gajendra Ambi for their supply of Indian news stories on AAP

Author : Dr Rita Pal, Follow her on

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