Gujarat govt has nothing to do with Sanjiv Bhatt's arrest: Jaynarayan Vyas

Published: Tuesday, Oct 04,2011, 18:07 IST
Gujarat Government, Sanjiv Bhatt, Jaynarayan Vyas, IPS

The Gujarat government has distanced itself from the arrest of IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt. The government has asserted that the IPS officer had been arrested in response to a private police complaint against him. The  health minister of the state and spokesperson of the state government, Jaynarayan Vyas, confirmed that Bhatt had been arrested on a private complaint filed by his own former subordinate in his private capacity and the state government had nothing to do with it.

Vyas affirmed that "As per the law of the land, any accused is liable to be arrested following a complaint by a citizen. In Sanjiv Bhatt's case, too, the law is taking its course.

Vyas also attacked Bhatt's career record and said that the police officer had faced several criminal charges ever since he joined service in 1988.  He emphasized that there had been cases registered against him even before 2001 when there was no Modi government.  He attacked the "prejudiced Congress" for continuing to link his arrest to the chief minister, exposing its intention to malign the state government. Vyas said that Bhatt's arrest had exposed the collusion of  Congress and the anti-Narendra Modi NGOs in their attempt to save the defaulting officer.


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