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  • Abhinav Shankar
  • Justice Katju: Retired Genius or Retarded Genius?

    Sunday, Apr 07,2013, 10:51 IST .

    If one really wish to assess the faces who has been in headlines since last time, he may come across a lot of names in his mind, but when it comes doing this in a very personal capacity- he will be none other than Mr. Katju. A self-claimed all-rounder of every possible subject on this earth. Professionally he is the chairman of Press Council of India, an ex-judge of Supreme Court. He is a man..

  • Pakistan slips into crisis mode again : It's fate is turning but which side?

    Wednesday, Jan 16,2013, 01:26 IST .

    After an eventful day in Pakistan, it has become very interesting to see what the next. As far as "Pakistani Awaam" is concerned it is too divided and confused on these series of events. A certain section of media and intellects however here in India is very exciting over it. All the "never before" secular democratic spirit waving in streets of Islamabad a..

  • Why Delhi Police is so out of logic by it's act from a Common Man Point of View

    Saturday, Dec 22,2012, 15:23 IST .

    Delhi Police has a long history of exercising it's power on genuines right from Ramlila Maidan to Jantar-Mantar and now at Vijay Chowk.

    Inspite of having an annual budget of above 3767.33 crore as compared to annual budget of 650 crore- Mumbai Police which comes out to be 17.25 % of DP, one really be surprised to see the helpness of DP before such unorganised small-scale un..

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