Congress is responsible for rise in corruption in the country , Don't vote : Baba Ramdev

Published: Friday, Sep 30,2011, 17:24 IST
Congress, Baba Ramdev, Vidhan Sabha, Lokpal

Blaming Congress for rise in corruption, Yog guru Baba Ramdev today urged public not to vote for the party in state and general elections.

"Congress is responsible for rise in corruption in the country. You (public) all should ensure that its candidates do not win in Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha polls," Ramdev told reporters here. He said faulty economic policies of the UPA government have resulted in rise of poverty.

Addressing a gathering here, Baba Ramdev said Jan Lokpal Bill will help in reduce corruption among those sitting at top government posts to some extent. "There are more than ten crore government officials in the country of we combine all those working at the Centre and in various State Governments. How will one Lokpal have control over all of them? So, Lokpal is a step in the whole process of getting rid of corruption. We can control corruption to some extent at the higher level through Lokpal," said Yog guru.

"For that we will have to take a bigger step, we will have to change the economic policies. If we bring a change in our economic policies and formulate laws, we can get rid of hundred percent corruption in the country and all the illegal wealth stashed abroad can be brought back to the country," he added.

Ramdev further said the Parliament will have to play a prominent role in this whole process of getting rid of corruption and bringing back all the illegal wealth stashed in safe havens abroad.

"Third question arises as to who will do this. In a democratic political system, only the Parliament has this power. We will have to send the people in the Parliament. So, we have taken the path of awakening the people of the country. The people of the country have now woke up and come to know the power of the country," said Ramdev.

"The day we recognise the power of the country and the power beneath us, that day India will be all ready to lead the whole world," he added.

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