• PTC, WHO, Ayurved, GDP, IBTL

    Time to return to Ayurved? Indians becoming poorer due to expense on medicines, says WHO

    As per a report published by the Times of India, the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concerns about Indians' high out-of-pocket expenses on medicines. According to WHO, 3.2% Indians are set to fall below the poverty line because of t..

  • Jhansi ki Raani, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Lord Dalhousie, Damodar Rao, IBTL

    Khoob ladi mardaani wo to Jhansi waali Raani thi

    Rani Lakshmi Bai, the fiery Queen of Jhansi, also known as the Rani of Jhansi, one of the great nationalist heroine of the first war of India freedom, a symbol of resistance to the British rule in India was born on 19th November 1835 at Kashi (Pre..

  • Switzerland, Swiss bank, Black Money, India, IBTL

    25000 Indians travel to Switzerland very frequently, Why

    Swiss bank revealed India has more money than rest of the world The second best Russia has 4 times lesser deposit. U.S. is not even there in the counting in top five! India has more money in Swiss banks than all the other countries combined!

  • British Empire, Lala Lajpat Rai, Hindu Nationalist members, IBTL

    Every blow on my body will prove a nail in the coffin of the British Empire

    Lala Lajpat Rai, popularly known as Punjab Kesari, was one of the foremost leaders who fought against British rule in India. He was born on January 28, 1865 in village Dhudike, in present day Moga district of Punjab. He was the eldest son of Mun..

  • Panchayati Raj, Mahatma Gandhi, Gramrajya to Ramrajya, IBTL

    Will achieve Gandhi's dream of Ramrajya via Gramrajya - Narendra Modi

    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today made a slew of announcements to make the Panchayati Raj a model of Good Governance and involve people’s participation for village uplift in Gujarat at a function mark here to..

  • Loot by Britishers, GDP, Religious sages as mundane scientists, IBTL

    The Great Indian loot by Britishers : GDP Record speaks for itself


    When we look at scientists who are credited with the most important ideas of our time we find mainly Greeks, Europeans, Americans listed. Yet western history seems to have been a..

  • Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth, Swami Jayendra Saraswathi, Communal Violence Bill draft., IBTL

    Communal Violence Bill : His Holiness Shankaracharya urges Hindus to fight

    His Holiness, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth, Swami Jayendra Saraswathi has called for the one billion strong Hindus of India to stand and fight against the proposed Communal Violence Bill draft. His holiness was speaking at the meeti..

  • China, Wang Gang, Narendra Modi, CPC , IBTL

    China visit of Narendra Modi : A Summary

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China and the ruling Community Party of China (CPC) accorded unprecedented importance and highest level of protocol to the Chief Minister going beyond the established norms. The visit generated huge..

  • Kingfisher, Vijay Mallya, Pranab Mukherjee, Manmohan Singh, Vylar Ravi, Civil Aviation Minister, IBTL

    Mallya Minister Nexus: Scams in the sky, misery on India

    India's second largest airlines, Kingfisher, is suffering a financial crises. Its shares are at an all-time low. The airline is owned by Vijay Mallya, whose love for opulence is no secret. The same Mallya who has, for years made young Indian..

  • Gujarat, Yangshan, Shanghai International Shipping Centre, Beijing, Ahmedabad, Yangshan deepwater seaport, IBTL

    Dholera SIR to be developed on Shanghai model - Narendra Modi

    Ahmedabad, Thursday: Impressed by China’s Yangshan deepwater seaport on River Yangtze, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today resolved to develop the Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) on the Shanghai model.

    The Chief Ministe..

  • Arm Forces Special Power Act, AFSPA, Tajinder Pal singh Bagga, Convener, Social Activists, Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena

    Hunger Strike in support of AFSPA

    Since last few months some anti national organizations run through foreign money and are being governed by some "so called" social activists, are trying very hard to defame our army under influence of their foreign owners. Moreover they are demand..

  • Dr. Swamy, CBI complaint against foreign bank accounts,CBI, IBTL

    Dr. Swamy to file CBI complaint against foreign bank accounts

    07 Nov | Today Dr. Swamy president Janata Party an active user on twitter said Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI), a 15-member committee headed by him, would lodge a complaint in the next two weeks with the CBI seeking an FIR to ..

  • ASTHA TV, Baba Ramdev, How Jesus can save you, IBTL

    Baba Ramdev's Rashtra Yoga

    Every morning these days after visiting a nearby temple, I come back at about six thirty , and switch on the Television and browse through the channels. Most of the Hindi channels show “How Jesus can save you” and also a few local chan..

  • Muslim, Hindu, Puranas, Yasyabharatha, Bhoomikah, Hindurithismrithaah, Aarkkellamaano, Pithrubhoochaiva, IBTL

    Puranas gave us the name HINDU not Muslim Invaders

    It is not Muslim Invaders who gave us the name 'Hindu', we were mentioned 'Hindu' by puranas several thousands years ago-proof!

    Several thousand years ago, also called central India Hindustan, and the people who li..

  • Caste, Gandhian, Dharampal, British & Indian archives,

    When Caste Was Not A Bad Word

    Were caste equations always as bad as they are today? Not quite. There were always castes but they were not backward.

    Now that the Supreme Court has referred the matter of 27% reservations to a Constitutional Bench it might be wor..

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