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  • Time to rethink : Saffron surge and the secular debacle - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Monday, Jun 02,2014, 18:50 IST .

    “What appears is not and what does not, is” This ancient saying aptly describes the Indian political scenario. The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) claims to be secular but just peel a few layers and you will find that it is steeped deep in communalism. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), on the other hand, which is accused of communalism, does all that i..

  • My first meeting with Narendra Modi - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Wednesday, May 14,2014, 00:03 IST .
    As the new millennium approached, the buzz about the end of the world and impending catastrophe raised great panic in the West. People had gone paranoid selling their homes and hoarding groceries and I was travelling from coast to coast assuring them that no such thing would happen. Thankfully the World did not disappear and it was business as usual!
    In Augu..
  • Telangana - Divide and Rule?

    Monday, Feb 24,2014, 02:39 IST .

    India is a phenomenon – the largest democracy on Earth, with a plethora of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. It is simply a miracle that It still exists united, unlike the former Yugoslavian and Soviet countries. Though our forefathers had wisely divided the nation on linguistic basis for ease of administration and communication, the huge population and distances have forced..

  • Uttarakhand Relief Work – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Tuesday, Jul 09,2013, 17:24 IST .

    I have been receiving reports of what our volunteers have been doing to bring relief to the tragedy-struck region of Uttarakhand. I wanted to share an overview of the tremendous work being done.

    • 100 trucks of relief material from various parts of the country have been sent to Uttarakhand
    • A team of about 300 volunteers has been working in different areas of the re..
  • What is Rudra Puja?

    Saturday, Mar 09,2013, 10:34 IST .

    What is Rudra Pooja?

    Rudra Pooja is an ancient practice followed in India since time immemorial. ‘Rudra’ means ‘Shiva - the Benevolent', ' the Destroyer of Evil'. 'Pooja' means that which is born out of fullness. Through this Pooja one can aim for inner peace and fulfillment. In this Pooja, Lord Sh..

  • The saint who never sells his smile

    Monday, Feb 25,2013, 16:45 IST .

    The story of the monk who sold his Ferrari made it to the list of Best Sellers! The story of the saint who never sells his smile touches the hearts of millions and beckons as the hope for the humanity! Here’s a moving chapter from the book yet to be written!

    The occasion was momentous. It was an event that will change the destiny of India. The turnout was more than what was exp..

  • Tribute to the slain Jawans by the Art of Living, Thiruvananthapuram

    Monday, Jan 14,2013, 13:11 IST .

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar along with thousands of people paid Shradhanjali
    during Thiruvananthapuram Satsang on 10th January, 2013 to the
    2 Indian Army soldiers who were brutally killed
    by the Pakistani Army.

    Tribute to the slain Jawans, Art of Living, Thiruvananthapuram, sri sri in kerala

  • What is Life of Pi all about?

    Sunday, Dec 16,2012, 15:39 IST .

    Art of Living with Life of Pi ...

    What is life of Pi all about? When I watched the movie, I could co-relate my own life with the movie. In fact, it is the story of everybody’s life. We also go through so many storms throughout our life.

    What was it which came as the only knowledge to overcome all the obstacles? The little book in the life boat about the survival in the..

  • Meditate with Sri Sri, A New Beginning : 12-12-12

    Tuesday, Dec 11,2012, 10:27 IST .

    It was a Sunday Afternoon. The sun continued to play hide and seek, yet I could tangible feel the warmth in the air.

    After several years in the world of investments, nirvana to me was uninterrupted dreamless restful sleep and waking up with a smile. The concept of closing my eyes and not sleeping (but still resting?) was alien to me.

    I consciously chose to try an..

  • Why Should I Volunteer for a Better India?

    Wednesday, Dec 05,2012, 12:23 IST .

    In the beginning God created the Universe… WRONG, LIES !!

    God did not create anything distinct from Himself/Herself. God BECAME the creation. The creator is not separate from the creation. Hence, along with He or Her, God is also addressed as ‘It’, the ‘Brahman’.

    Man is a social animal. The very central letter of the word ‘

  • What is wrong with Bal Thackeray?

    Friday, Nov 23,2012, 19:59 IST .

    Nothing is wrong with Bal Thackeray. He lived a complete life and with all dignity said goodbye at 86. He seems to have been a good family man, a traditional husband and a good father to his children. He respected his wife very much. Unlike most men of his generation he publicly acknowledged that his wife was his main moral strength and that he looked up to her for comfort and support.

  • Navratri: The Sri Sri connection

    Friday, Oct 19,2012, 10:22 IST .

    As a kid, Navratri was a welcome relief to the reluctant student in me, it being the only day in the calendar, when even parents encouraged us to not study! Beyond that heavenly relief, I never understood or even cared to figure out, what the celebrations were about! To confess, for a long time, I even believed that people celebrated Navratri  because it was a welcome escape from their r..

  • A Transformative approach to end Ethnic Conflict in Nepal

    Friday, Oct 12,2012, 12:58 IST .

    A Spiritual Intervention!
    Nepal today is passing through an extremely difficult and transitional phase in its history. The thousands of years old monarchy has been eliminated and the country has plunged into the age of republicanism. As a result, many complexities surfaced in society. Disparate groups which were previously united for democracy, or under the banner of the ..

  • Barfi – Learning From Silence

    Sunday, Sep 23,2012, 17:13 IST .

    By Prakash Athrayil
    Caution: Don’t read this before you watch Barfi… Strictly.
    Prakash Athrayil, art of living, faculty, bangalore, barfi movie, aol blogs
    Barfi came in to me with that brilliantly melodious background music and kept me glued to the screen thr..

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