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  • Khwaja to the foe while infertile justice to the martyr

    Dr. Shweta Puri | Monday, Mar 11,2013, 15:19 IST .

    Of all the International Relations around the globe, the relation between India and Pakistan occupy a sweltering stature. Apart from various hot wars, there always has been ‘enmity without hostilities’ between the two neighbors.

    Before the political and geographical division of 1947, the two nations were plotted on the maps without a boundary wall. The British rulers divi..

  • What is Rudra Puja?

    Art of Living | Saturday, Mar 09,2013, 10:34 IST .

    What is Rudra Pooja?

    Rudra Pooja is an ancient practice followed in India since time immemorial. ‘Rudra’ means ‘Shiva - the Benevolent', ' the Destroyer of Evil'. 'Pooja' means that which is born out of fullness. Through this Pooja one can aim for inner peace and fulfillment. In this Pooja, Lord Sh..

  • Teesta Javed Setalvad : Bilking Churner of Godhra

    Dr. Shweta Puri | Wednesday, Mar 06,2013, 22:54 IST .

    Teesta is the name of an Indian river which is called as “lifeline” of Sikkim. The irony is that another Teesta who is quite famous in India has now turned to be a bewildered hobgoblin. Yes, we are referring to “Teesta Setalvad” here.

    Teesta Setalvad was born and brought up in an eminent Hindu family of Gujarat. She got married to a Mumbai based muslim journal..

  • The saint who never sells his smile

    Art of Living | Monday, Feb 25,2013, 16:45 IST .

    The story of the monk who sold his Ferrari made it to the list of Best Sellers! The story of the saint who never sells his smile touches the hearts of millions and beckons as the hope for the humanity! Here’s a moving chapter from the book yet to be written!

    The occasion was momentous. It was an event that will change the destiny of India. The turnout was more than what was exp..

  • Analysis of Minority Scholarship Judgement - I

    Nationalizer | Wednesday, Feb 20,2013, 12:14 IST .

    A few Questions came to my mind as I was going through the Judgement by Gujarat Full Bench on the Issue of Constitutionality of Minority Scholarship. The important observations by the Judges is summarised here and the full judgement can be read

  • The Minority Scholarship Judgement

    Nationalizer | Tuesday, Feb 19,2013, 22:52 IST .

    Some Important observations made by Gujarat HC full bench on the constitutionality of Scholarship scheme to minorities. Majority (3-2) held that the scheme is constitutional.

    Majority view and some questions

    • The Government of the day would have its own socio­economic ideology.   We must also remember that the..

  • Katju's unmitigated hatred towards Narendra Modi

    Abhishek Tondon | Monday, Feb 18,2013, 08:37 IST .

    Lying seems to be a morbid obsession with all Narendra Modi haters. Given all the lies that India’s mainstream media spread about his involvement in post-Godhra riots, which contradicted those very facts they’d themselves published earlier, as pointed out

  • Dear Muslim Celebrities: Why do you play the Communal Card?

    Kiran Kumar S | Wednesday, Jan 30,2013, 07:44 IST .

    Let's start with a hard fact:

    India is at least 81% Hindu. No matter how you slice and dice, this is an overwhelmingly Hindu majority nation. There's no denying of that fact.

    But it is also an important fact that India has been very successful in unifying its extremely diverse population. There are 1000s of castes among all religions. The..

  • Is RSS a greater threat to Secularism than Islam...

    Nationalizer | Wednesday, Jan 23,2013, 00:45 IST .

    A few days ago, at Chintan Shivir, The home minister of our country made a statement that BJP and RSS are running Terror camps across the country and also he used the term Hindu Terror and later he corrected it to Saffron terror. Congress party members were quick to laud him for his remarks and Hafiz Saeed, JuD leader and well known Global terrorist also thanked Allah for making Shinde speak ..

  • Pakistan slips into crisis mode again : It's fate is turning but which side?

    Abhinav Shankar | Wednesday, Jan 16,2013, 01:26 IST .

    After an eventful day in Pakistan, it has become very interesting to see what the next. As far as "Pakistani Awaam" is concerned it is too divided and confused on these series of events. A certain section of media and intellects however here in India is very exciting over it. All the "never before" secular democratic spirit waving in streets of Islamabad a..

  • Tribute to the slain Jawans by the Art of Living, Thiruvananthapuram

    Art of Living | Monday, Jan 14,2013, 13:11 IST .

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar along with thousands of people paid Shradhanjali
    during Thiruvananthapuram Satsang on 10th January, 2013 to the
    2 Indian Army soldiers who were brutally killed
    by the Pakistani Army.

    Tribute to the slain Jawans, Art of Living, Thiruvananthapuram, sri sri in kerala

  • Ram Janmabhoomi Debate - A test for Left-Liberal Historians

    Ashutosh Kulkarni | Monday, Jan 14,2013, 01:30 IST .

    On the day of December 6th, the Babri Masjid was demolished 20 years back. But that happened after a long chain of events that took place from 1989 to 1992 in which the government and leftist historians tried to undermine the evidences provided by VHP and others.

    Right from the time of independence, institutions like the (Jawaharlal Nehru University) JNU and their allied publications..

  • Is it the time to think about permanent solution for Pakistan problem?

    Hemant Dubey | Saturday, Jan 12,2013, 23:33 IST .

    I was born & brought up in a very small town in central India. As a child I used to go Annual Dashara Kavi Sammelan with my father. I think I was 12-13 years old when I heard a poem titled “Kashmir Mat Maango Kah Do Pakistan Hamara Hai” by Shri Abdul Jabbar (I am not sure about name). I again heard that poem in my school on annual Hindi poem recital competition. At that time I..

  • Bharat-Vs-India, Swami Vivekananda and DNA of Intellectuals

    Mihir Jha | Tuesday, Jan 08,2013, 19:00 IST .

    My grandfather used to tell me a story. There used to live a great astrologist and palmist in a village. He could look after the palms and foretell future of anyone as if through the power of prophesy. One day, a gentleman came to him with his son and requested him to examine streaks of his son’s thenar. Upon a careful examination, the Palmist said: - “Your son doesn’t exhib..

  • Secular Mujahideen and their Jihad against Bhaarat

    Abhishek Tondon | Monday, Jan 07,2013, 16:51 IST .

    “RSS is no different from Taliban”, screams a tweet [1] by Shazia Ilmi, a prominent member of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party. The statement can be matched in stupidity (or hatred) only by a similar one issued by Rahul Gandhi over two years ago in which he had compared RSS with banned terror outfit SIMI [2]. Rahul’s remark can be condoned as just ano..

  • RSS and Islam: Where they stand on Women

    Nationalizer | Monday, Jan 07,2013, 11:53 IST .

    The thought of comparing RSS ideology with Quran came to my mind when I saw a celebrated member of Political party comparing RSS with Taliban in context with the alleged comments made by RSS chief on marriage. The comments made by RSS chief were misquoted by some news agencies, and the anti RSS bogeys of political parties were quick to condemn it. They said it is anti women mindset of RSS, ot..

  • The Battle of Ten Kings : Dashradnya Yuddha

    Ashutosh Kulkarni | Saturday, Jan 05,2013, 20:14 IST .

    Apart from religious hymns in the praise of Devas like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Soma, the Rigved also contains precious information on certain events that have occurred during its era. The events like wars, donations to rishis, mentioning certain names of rishis and kings are a regular occurrence in Rigved. This makes it an important scripture which has historical data in it.

  • Owaisi is the Speaking Kasab!

    Nationalizer | Wednesday, Jan 02,2013, 21:22 IST .

    Hate speech by Akbar owaisi was not made into National headlines by Main stream media, but by Social media. It was not today that social media discussed and debated this, but since more than a week ago. Barkha Dutt is right Social media of today represents the opposite side of main stream media,  just like MSM claims they are “secular” , SM claims they are “communal&rdq..

  • The Paradox of 1st January and Hindu Nationalism

    Mihir Jha | Tuesday, Jan 01,2013, 21:53 IST .

    A new question has come. The origin of this question comes from the conflict in the philosophy of celebrating New Year. The only way in which a conflict can be dealt, to my mind, is by not limiting the question but by expanding it to all dimensions and discussing it in the spirit that is coherent with the teachings of founders of our civilization and that is how I propose to deal this questio..

  • Delhi Gang Rape, British Raj Inherited Section-144 and the Rise of Power in India

    Mihir Jha | Tuesday, Dec 25,2012, 00:46 IST .

    For some strange reason, I had been following the rape cases in the country for the last couple of days honestly. Now that my respect for the Government, Opposition, Media and Society has reached its boiling point, I have permitted myself this liberty to let it evaporate here.
    Before I begin with, let me first ask a question that you might like to..

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